Living Room Interior Design Tips


The living room is one of the most beloved rooms in a house. It is the place where we go whenever we want to relax and listen to music, it is the place where our friends gather for movie nights and it is the place where we can enjoy reading a good book. Given these facts it makes only sense that we need to give a lot of attention to the living room interior design. This room should reflect some of our personal taste. It can be as formal or informal as we want it to be as long as we feel comfortable in it.

The main element that should not be absent from any living room is the sofa. Try to choose a comfortable sofa with fluffy cushions. If you have enough space you can also acquire two armchairs or a lounge chair. Despite the fact that the couch is the most important element of the room it should not be the center point. The most commendable living room interior design ideas place the coffee table in the center of the room. This way all the furniture can be arranged around it creating a flow in the room.

As the living room is mostly dedicated to leisure activities you should also implement an entertainment center in the room. You can either buy one or build one within the wall. The best height for the TV is at the eye level of your seated position. The size of the entertainment center should be correlated with your needs. You can choose a small one with a couple of shelves for small decorations or you can choose a bigger one that also acts as a bookshelf. If you are a fan of classic massive wood furniture make sure to come up with a solution to hide the plasma when you are not watching it so it doesn’t interfere with the decor.

Due to the fact that you will spend a lot of time in this room you need to be very careful with the colors you use. While red may seem like a powerful choice for a modern space it may be too overwhelming. The best colors for this room are cream gray, blue and yellow. Black and white designs are also very stylish. However if you feel that a such a room is too boring for your taste you can combine it with gray elements to make it look warmer or liven it with navy blue fabrics. Another great living room interior design idea for adding warmth to a room is to build in a fire place.