Luxury bathroom design ideas


The bathroom is a place of peace. Is where you wash and therefore it must be clean and luxurious. But you cannot do this alone, so here are some design ideas so that you increase the level of luxury in the bathroom.

For the followers of luxurious, contemporary style design is recommend a glass sink pastel colored or matte, with a battery made ​​as modern. The only disadvantage is that this type of sink is more difficult to maintain after each use it must be wiped with a cloth. Otherwise unsightly traces remain on the sink bowl. A shower curtain colored violent or moderate, depending on your taste, may complete the landscape. Also, a porcelain soap dish and a soft rug that give you the feeling that you are on a cool meadow. The mirror can have a magnifying glass for a flawless makeup. Even the toilet cover can make a difference if it is form a material that imitates wood or with a model. You can come up with something more personal, such as a noble flower in a pot of porcelain, keeping with the rest of the endowments, a special tile, some candles in a corner or on a shelf and so on.

If you want to create a traditional style design, this will transform your bathroom in a sanctuary worthy of a king. The traditional style clothing will receive grace, elegance and a look that will not go out of fashion over time. This environment can be reflected by the battery sink or how the curtain folds fall. Inspired by the opulent decoration of the eighteenth century Europe, the traditional style design is known for gilded decorations and floral materials, as well as for decorative accents made ​​of porcelain, gold and silver. Ordered yet sumptuous, the traditional style is a luxury brand. You can apply these ideas: use plenty of floral models to the textiles, toiletries, wallpaper, use decorative brass accents: towel ring holders, batteries sink or bathtub, door handle, mirror frames. You can also decorate the walls with pictures representing flowers or you can expose your favorite collections (rocks, shells, pine cones, small mirrors, wooden boxes and so on).

If you choose a country style design for your luxury bathroom, the country elements are well known: natural materials, furniture or decor pieces handcrafted (imperfections are not considered defects, on the contrary, those give an original touch). Country style bathroom will create an atmosphere of warmth inside the cold room because of the tiles and the perfect surfaces. Country or rustic style design can be applied in different ways: form vivid colors and materials with old models, to pastel colors and delicate decorative accents. You can include in the decor an old cabinet, reconditioned of pine wood. Use different types of wicker baskets (with special woven) as a place for different objects and so on. You have so many rustic trends to choose from. The ideas are endless and in the end you will have a dream bathroom.