Mashed Potato Pancakes


The culinary art is all about creativity. For a long time people have been combining their favorite ingredients in the wildest of combination. But is it possible to combine two beloved dishes ? Today we are going to give you a recipe for cooking mashed potato pancakes. It is no secret that both pancakes and mashed potatoes are very popular dishes therefore combining them can only be a success. Furthermore this dish is easy to make, can be served as any meal during any time of day and can be done using leftover mashed potatoes.

The ingredients for this recipe are pretty basic and easy to procure. Here is what you need:
2-3 cups of mashed potatoes
a few tablespoons of flour
1 tablespoon fresh chopped parsley
3-5 tablespoons oil
1-2 lightly beaten eggs
fresh chopped garlic
pepper and salt

Optional ingredients:

The mashed potato pancakes leave a lot of room for creativity. Add your favorite ingredients in the mix and create your own individual recipe. Make sure that the ingredients complement the taste of the potatoes. You can use grated Parmesan, grated onion or fresh chopped onion, cheese, chives and even scallion.


Use a large bowl for blending the ingredients. Mix the potatoes, the eggs, the garlic, the parsley with 3 tablespoons of flour ( and any other optional ingredients) and season with salt and pepper. Make sure that the batter is not too soft. You want it to have the consistency of meatballs. Put some flour on a plate. Use an ice cream scoop in order to measure the right amount of batter for each pancake. Heat about 3 tablespoons of oil in a non-stick skillet. Model the batter in your hand and then place it in the skillet and sauté it for 2-3 minutes on each side. If necessary you can add more oil ( depending on your skillet size and how much batter you have). Be careful not to overcook them. You want the mashed potato pancakes to be crispy on the outside yet soft and creamy on the inside. The pancakes can be served with sour cream or apple sauce. A great tip for saving time in the morning is to make the batter the night before, refrigerate it and cook it the next day. This is a great dish that will be enjoyed by adults as well as children.