Michael Fertik’s Reputation.com!


It’s true that we live in a world where the Internet makes it so very easy to find out almost anything and everything about anyone and the social networks such as Facebook or Twitter just add insult to injury. I was recently browsing the Workface website when I came across this really interesting link, http://workface.com/e/michaelfertik. Michael Fertik is the executive of the Reputation.com website, a Silicon Valley management company that apparently helps people control their reputation online. Considering that every web page on every site retains your private information when you access it and that virtually every person can comment and give reviews on online and offline businesses, practices and persons they come in contact with, creating a website that aims to defend online privacy is quite audacious!

So, Michael Fertik and Reputation.com have set up to give people back control over their online reputations, dealing with issues like third party access to personal data and information, as well as online privacy by making use of a variety of services and tools, depending on what it is that you need exactly. The website is actually proving an incredible performance, although that shouldn’t be so hard to believe, taking into account that it is not the first entrepreneurial project steered by Michael Fertik and also considering his educational and academic background, as he studied Internet Law at Harvard. Furthermore, Michael Fertik has minored in History and Literature at Harvard University, the same place where he earned a Bachelor of Arts. Before Reputation.com, he also founded TruExchange Inc. in 1999, which was an online trading platform for professionals from both the corporate and the financial markets, regardless of whether they belonged to the public sector or the private one. His performance was truly impressing, succeeding in raising over $7 million in venture capital, which he used to finance his start-up company. And the company grew, reaching more than 30 employees by the time Michael Fertik graduated and having clients from all over the world. With that kind of success as an experience, not to mention the time spent as a clerk in the Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit under Chief Judge Danny J. Boggs, has gave Michael Fertik all that was necessary for creating such an over-daring company, like Reputation.com.

The website has a notable client data base, offering its services in more than 100 countries, helping customers create positive online profiles for themselves or their businesses, while suppressing any negative media or inappropriate use of personal information. Reputation.com makes use of a team of highly trained and professional technologists and researchers, with strong knowledge of the law and economy, helping you control your Internet presence, whether you want to stop websites from tracking you and keeping your personal information, remove your personal data from the online environment, receive alerts whenever you appear online or boost your visibility.

Reputation.com seems to be a great website and an innovative idea in a world where exposure is not always a good things and where some people abuse the opportunity that the Internet provides by making so much information so easily accessible!