Modern Classical Music


Classical music has always been dedicated for the privileged years of the wealthy aristocrats. Perhaps this is the reason why its popularity decreased over the years. Furthermore a lot of people consider classical music to be hard to get. Although such music is not exactly meant for listening it in your car, if you give it just a little attention you will be able to appreciate it. Modern classical music has left the boundaries of romantic music, adventuring itself into a world of possibilities. Nowadays such music falls into various categories. The great thing about this type of music is that it allows you to really appreciate musical talent. This music experiments with sounds in order to evoke powerful feelings. There are many modern DJs who engage in online mixing activities and use modern classical music to offer their songs a special effect. This is how much this type of music has evolved and how it reaches some of today’s audience.

The beginning of the 20th century meant a revolution in the artistic word. The social changes of that time pushed classical music to abandon its romantic roots and embrace new currents such as Post-romanticism and Neoclassicism. Furthermore a lot of movements influenced the development of the classical music such as Impressionism, Modernism, Expressionism, Experimentalism, Postmodernism and Minimalism. Each movement helped music discover new techniques and tonalities. In such a free environment music was able to develop without any boundaries, focusing solely on expressing feelings. Famous 20th century classical music composers include: Carlos Chávez , George Enescu, Bruno Maderna , Alberto Ginastera ,Carl Nielsen ,Giacomo Puccini ,Ralph Vaughan Williams ,Alfred Schnittke ,Josef Matthias Hauer, Morton Feldman.

The 21st century is dominated by minimalism. This current is taking over all aspects of art including classical music. However this does not mean that contemporary classical music lacks substance. It just means that it is focused around simplifying the music process in order to create music with very little elements. This means that it can either use just a few notes, a small number of lyrics or limited instruments. The techniques used in this type of music are also basic and usually imply a slow or gradual transformation of the sound. Certain artists might even use online mixing services as a way of creating new pieces. One thing is for sure though, this type of music attracts more and more fans as time goes by. A list of noted contemporary modern classical music composers includes : Steve Reich, John Adams, James Dillon, Arvo Part, etc.

A lot of people claim that they don’t like modern classical music. However most of them enjoyed it in numerous occasions without even realizing. Most commonly you have heard it in movies whenever there was a need to evoke a powerful feeling. If you are looking to expand your music horizon than you should definitely listen to a few of the most famous composers of this genre. All you need in order to enjoy this music is to open your mind and let the sounds take over you.