NASCAR racing competitions


NASCAR is a name that is associated with professional and competitive race car events. Since is foundation in 1947, the company has suffered multiple transformation and it eventually became the supreme authority that regulates most stock car races in the U.S as well as in a few other selected locations from around the globe. The Sprint Cup, the Nationwide and the Camping World Truck series are the most famous competitions that capture the attention of numerous fans. The thing that makes NASCAR racing so popular is a combination of well developed racing systems as well as an extensive interest for high quality technologies and safety measure.

In order to ensure a clean NASCAR racing competition, a complex system has been developed in order to regulate the qualifying and line up process. Although at first the qualifying order was chosen randomly, in 2001 the order was established by positioning the slower drivers first and the fastest ones last. This rule is currently being used for Camping World Truck and Nationwide series while the Sprint Cup still uses a draw method. The strategies used by drivers in order to get the best results differ a lot. From the moment they cross the start line they have to complete two laps. The racing time with which they will complete is the best time for either one of the laps. Restrictor plate drivers choose to take it easy on the first round allowing their engine to slowly reach the maximum power. Once the engine is at top performance they can use the second lap to mark their performance. On the other hand when racing on an abrasive track, the first lap is the one that matters because it is then when the engine is at top power. As a result some drivers don’t even race in the second lap because they consider it pointless.

NASCAR is a racing authority that values quality in all its departments. Recently Eugene Stefanyshyn has been appointed as Vice President and will be working within the Research and Development center. Due to his experience as an automotive expert, Stefanyshyn is expected to raise the quality bar in various areas of the NASCAR racing competitions. Racing products and fan experience are not the only things on his mind as he will also be helping with the development of an innovative technological culture. He will be taking over the teams that developed the latest products in matter of race cars, track systems, driver safety measures and racing fuel technologies.