New BMW M5


This is the fifth generation of the most successful super sportive sedan from the premium segment, BMW M5.

Original recipe from 1984, the moment when the firs M5 generation rolled out, was kept. We are talking about a car with four doors and five seats which offers the space and the comfort of a model from premium class, but which has a level of the performances that makes part from the super car segment.



This unique developed concept turned into a remarkable success story that lasts for four generations.

BMW M GmbH is now present in the eyes of all car racing enthusiasts with the new sedan.  BMW Concept M5 rolled out in Auto Shanghai 2011. Somewhere we can say that we are familiar with the new sedan lines both from M aesthetic package available for 5 Series and from the BMW M5 Concept presented in Shanghai. So we will not insist on the description of a body that everyone can see. Any person who loves M Power wants to know what is under the body.

Superior sportiness and aesthetics representative for M in a BMW 5 Series offers to the driver an exclusive feeling that one can feel it only in a BMW M5. With every generation, the progress realized in premium sedan’s development in terms of comfort, safety and ambiance, was accompanied by new opportunities to intensify the “M Sensation”.

Under the hood is a V8 propeller of 4.4 liters supercharged, called by the Bavarian people M TwinPower Turbo. So, this thing is not something new because this assembly we can find also to X5 and X6 M Power. The propeller’s performances are impressive this proves the fact that BMW has ones of the most talented engineers from auto industry. The progressive V8 develops 560 HP between 6 000 and 7 000 rpm, being maybe the first propeller that offers a maxim power in what concern the numbers of turns, it is impressive what Bavarian people realized.

BMW announced a medium consume of only 9.9 liters per 100 km. In the same time, the new BMW M5 is also in the category of the most ecological super sport models, having CO2 emissions of just 232 g/km. The car has a gear box with double clutch, box called from the company BMW – M Double Clutch Transmission Drivelogic.

One more thing, the full speed is limited to 250km/h, but the customer can choose also M Drive Packet and in this way M5 becomes sedan that can touch 305 km/h.

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