Non permanent hair color


Due to the latest progress in the hair industry, almost everyone can change the way they look, according to their preferences. Knowing how to obtain non-permanent hair color is not a secret anymore, mainly because it allows you to experiment whatever you may be interested in. These special tricks are now hidden in shampoos, sprays and rinses and the main advantage is that you can buy them from anywhere. As a result most women explore various hair color ideas in order to change their look. Unlike a hair style, a hair color change has a more powerful effect and can completely redefine a person’s look.

As far as the consistency of the non-permanent hair color is concerned, it has been proved that temporary color is known to be brighter than the other types. Also, it gets more vibrant and you should consider it when you are attending some special events. For example, think of a wedding, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve.

You may be wondering what makes a difference for non permanent hair color. The answer is that it has a wide molecule that cannot get into your hair and modify its color. It can only be absorbed and as soon as you wash your hair, it will be removed. You should know that non-permanent hair color may last on dry hair.

As far as obtaining blonde highlights is concerned, in the past people used to change their color completely into blonde. This is why we used to see a lot of blonde women, without any other highlights. However, as time went by, people started to apply the blonde color in small quantities over their hair. There are different types of blonde that combined with other colors turn your hair into a beautiful piece of art. When it comes to hair color ideas, blonde is definitely on top of the preferences of women, mainly because it has so much room to play with. You can explore various shades of blonde as well as combinations with other colors.

There are some types of highlights that you might be interested in. these can help you understand better how to obtain non-permanent hair color, because they offer you more alternatives. One of them refers to the lighteners that help you obtain blonde streaks. Another one is called lowlighting and makes some your highlights look darker. We are going to teach you some methods with which you can add them on your hair.

The first one is called foiling and it refers to dividing your hair into sections. You have to apply the foil in order to stop mixing them. You can also use plastic film in order to do the separating part. The second method uses a plastic cap that you have to put on your head. Using a hook you will have to take the highlights out and start painting. Another method is balayage and is described as choosing several sections you want to paint and start painting right on them.

Before coloring, we recommend you to bleache your hair, because the result will be more likely. Now that you have learn how to obtain non-permanent hair color, start playing! Have fun!