Nurturing our souls with Christian poetry


Christian poetry is a type of literally art that has been around ever since the beginning of Christianity. It is a manner in which people express faith and beliefs. Although they may seem like prays, Christian poems are slightly different. Most of the times the ideas in this type of poems are inspired from the bible. Rather than being prays they are anthems celebrating the divinity or certain events from the the history of Christianity. Due to the fact that Christianity has had such an important aspect on the development of our society, Christian poems have always been present in our history. One of the most famous such poems is entitled Dream of the Rood. This poem is not only amongst the oldest Christian poems but it is also amongst the oldest Old English literary works.

The story is a beautiful and intense representation of the Scarification story. Although this is a popular topic in Christian poetry, in this particular poem the story is told from the perspective of the cross who is suffering along Jesus Christ and eventually becomes a part of him. Christian poetry is meant to be an art that nurtures our souls. Constantly reminding ourselves of Jesus’s sacrifices and God’s teachings we can go through life unaffected by the evil around us. It is hard to maintain our faith when life is hard by poetry is a cure for an aching heart. During their life time many famous poems have written one or several Christian poems including Lord Byron, Thomas Hardy, Rudyard Kippling and William Blake. The latest one’s view on Christianity is rather unconventional but his poems clearly reflect a believe in human kindness as a way to save our souls.

Sometimes the inspiration for such poems can even come for modern day events. Such is the case of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks that have shaken the whole world. The horrible evens that took place that day made us realize how short and horrible life can be. Only by trusting God and supporting each other can we move on. Thus inspired by those tragic, a lot of people chose to mourn and express their feelings through Christian poetry. A great selection of such poems can be found in J. Barrie Shepard’s book entitled Between Mirage and Miracle. This inspiring book also contains other beautiful poems that fall under the Christian genre. Furthermore Roger J. Robicheau, a U.S army veteran has also written some heart touching poems inspired by the 11 September tragedy. The poems can be found on his personal website along with others inspired from his war experiences.