Planning a baby shower


We all know that planning a baby shower is not a difficult task, even though for many of us it can be a creative and inspiring activity. There are people who feel very free as they organize a baby shower, because they get away from stress and focus on something entertaining and fun.

I am sure one of your aims is to offer to the new mother a once in a lifetime party, with joy, pleasure, love and support and this is the perfect occasion to show her how much you appreciate her! In case you are planning a baby shower abroad, we suggest you to take a look on the offers you find online and try to pick the most suitable one.

Have you ever tried planning a baby-que? It’s what we call having a barbeque somewhere at a picnic and celebrating the coming into the world of a new child. Imagine how families and couples will come and join you to a baby-que with a lot of delicious food, with a natural environment and so much fresh air! Planning a baby shower with a theme like this becomes a lot more entertaining if you add some games like “name the family member”. You have to ask whatever you want to know about the new mom and dad and look if there is anyone that discovers who that question refers to. These questions respect the model “Who made what?” and are funny to play with.

A baby-que allows you to dress in a sporty manner, speak however you want because you are in the middle of nature and act as you want, because there is nobody to annoy you. No one will ask you to turn on the music or to stop jumping in your house, no one will call the police for not caring about your neighbors and the most important fact is that nobody will notice your make-up is not perfect or your clothes do not look perfectly.

What about some delicious hot dogs or some appetizing hamburgers? Everybody will be satisfied with your idea of planning a baby shower instead of a picnic.

The next idea for planning a baby shower we want you to take into account is called “Baby Shower Co-Ed party”. You can ask your guests, both men and women, to come up with diapers, pacifiers and everything they might find necessary for the newborn.