Plopp HD iPad App Hits App Store


The new Plopp HD iPad app hits app store, it was developed by an iSO developer called Games2be. The company comes from Switzerland and it is known for its launch of the same application but on iPhone. Since the launch of the game on iPhone the developer has worked on the iPad version and now it is done and ready to use. The game has been launched recently and according to users it is more addictive than the iPhone version.

From the moment you open it you are amazed by the wonderful HD graphics which look very good if you have an iPad 2 device. The Plopp is very simple and clean which adds more charm to the game. What makes it so attractive is the color scheme that you will see on your entire display. Every time you finish a level the background of the game changes.

The concept of the Plopp HD iPad app is not so complicated, it is actually very simple. The Plopps are white circles that become larger and larger as they get closer to you. When you tap on them they explode and you receive a number of points. There are elements that can alter the Plopps value and those are the multicolored shockwaves. As you go higher in the game you have the possibility to change the music of each level. You even have the possibility to use music that you have downloaded from iTunes.

The game is not expensive, it is only 1.99 $, and it can be purchased from an online store. If you have had this game on your iPhone you must try the iPad version because it is a completely different thing.
The news that the Plopp HD iPad app hits app store is already old news because the game has been launched a couple of days ago and it has got a lot of positive reviews from experts. As far as users are concerned they have all sent positive feedback and we could not be more pleased. If you like this game all you have to do is go only and download it from there. For more information on how to play the game go online where you will find all the answers to your questions. If you have an iPad 2 device why not get a game that you can play when you are not busy working.