Popular Eyeglasses Frames for Women


Glasses don`t just improve the vision, they are also regarded as an important accessory that says a lot about the wearer. Of course, women tend to attach more fashion purpose to wearing glasses, so they pay special attention when they have to choose a model. Like any other accessory, glasses make a statement about the woman`s personality and should highlight her best features. In consequence, the latest eyeglasses frames for women are trendy, fashionable, sharp, stylish, and come in vibrant colors.

Regardless the size, glasses today should be both stylish and lightweight. To fulfill this requirement, more and more glasses use plastic frames because they are light and can match almost every style, even the chunky style. Plastic frames can be found in a large palette of vibrant colors of funny prints, which can transform regular glasses in original pieces. Along with the added flair of the plastic frames, lightweight titanium or other metals are utilized for the arms. This way, the glasses remain weightless and trendy.

Glasses arms are extremely varied these days. They feature many styles and are highlighted in various ways. You can choose simple plastic or textured metals frames, but you also have the possibility to get bold with gold and silver interlocking hoops. Intricate lace designs in metal are another stylish choice. The width of the chunky arms permits detailing and personalization, so your glasses can become original and extremely good looking.

For your glasses to harmoniously fit your face, make sure the rims are the suitable ones. There are many fun shapes and sizes for rims, the important thing is to make the right choice. A timeless design is the butterfly or cat eye rim. The rims from the 70`s seem to be trendy again, so take them into consideration. If you want simplicity and elegance, try small rectangular and oval lenses matched with chunky, rimless, or semi-rimmed frames.

The chunky geek retro style is one of the hottest trends today. These glasses come in plastic or metal frames and in bold colors and prints. The bi-color design is also very fashionable, featuring bold colored rims and different colored arms. If you want a unique look, go for chunky arms with original details.

The tortoise shell glasses are reminiscent from the crazy fashion of the 80`s. Now they are back and ready to use once again. You can choose either an exact representation of that frame design, or a chunky tortoise shells look. The colors are the tradition brown shades but also some fun options.

The rockabilly music and fashion of the 60`s influenced the glasses of that period, making them small, chunky and cute. Now these little retro glasses are back and updated. They come in rectangular or oval rims as well as in vibrant colors. In addition, they can also be found in bi-colored versions.

It is very important for women to choose the right eyeglasses frames. Being an accessory that you have to wear daily, they must match your style. The options are infinite, so opt for what suits you best.