Precious metal investments. A secure way of ensuring your family’s wealth?


From ancestral times, precious metals were considered a secure way of making investments, and up until other metals were discovered, they were the only material used for coin manufacturing processes. In today’s economic context, precious metals like gold are the most valuable item a nation can possess, because their economic security and stability depends on it.  Many countries are moving an increasing amount of their reserves out of Dollars and into gold bullion. Gold reserves can increase the value of a nation’s currency by providing supporting collateral with intrinsic value. Highly regulated by international treaties like the Breton-Woods Agreement, gold seems to be the essential element a state can possess. If global entities find such great value in precious metals, is it now time for you and your family to do the same? Unlike other possessions, such as houses, cars or art, precious metals preserve their value and they are not influenced by currency fluctuations. As a result, by owning some physical gold, you can assure a steady financial status for your family in the long-term. The reason why both investors and private individuals turn to gold investments in times of high inflation is the stability of its value. However, gold isn’t the only precious metal worth considering. The spectrum of precious metals you could invest in is much larger. Platinum and silver are other investments that will ensure your family’s social and financial status for a few generations. However, below are some benefits of owning physical precious metals as an important part of your family’s wealth. Ensuring you purchase the right type of metals at the best possible price is crucial to maximise your investment. Therefore, seeking the guidance of a London gold dealer is highly recommended.

Gold, for a glittery future

“All that glisters is not gold”, as Shakespeare would say, but if you invest in real gold, you will thank yourself for the decision. Highly used in a number of industries due to its physical attributes, it is also the answer for many financial issues and particularly during hard economic times. Gold offers a number of unique benefits. Preserving its value even during times of political crisis, wars and economic downturns, gold can act as a stabilising asset to your wealth. Honestly speaking, all currencies and other assets are sensitive to a number of factors and nuances. Geopolitical tensions seem to influence investors to re-orientate towards other assets from more typical ones. For private individuals, having gold in their asset portfolio might be the necessary security they and their families need. Besides its safety in times of inflation, deflation can also be protected against with gold. Some gold dealers offer tax-free gold coins so you enjoy the benefit of no paying no VAT when buying and no Capital Gains Tax (CGT) when selling.

Silver investments and financial security

Although silver prices fluctuate more than gold, it’s still an investment worth considering. A highly requested commodity, silver has many applications in diverse industries. From jewellery manufacturing to electronic components, it has multiple uses. The rise of electronic industry is helping push up silver’s price. Used in creating circuits for all electronic applications, silver is requested by all industries and manufacturers offer high sale prices for owners. In fact silver is the most conductive of all metals which ensures its desirability in electronic components. Some industries where silver is used heavily are resilient to economic downturns. For example, silver is used in light switches, meaning the price of the metal can rise in good or bad economic conditions.  A simple way of acquiring physical silver is buying it from specalist dealers.

Platinum commodities for stable financial and international contexts

Platinum is the rarest of the precious metals, providing a good support to its value. However, right now, it’s price is just below that of gold, for only the 2nd time in 24 years. Instead of investing some of you family’s resources in properties, you can easily consider the possibility of investing in platinum. International legislation can influence platinum’s price, causing a degree of volatility. With its use in catalytic converters, the platinum price has benefited from the “Clean air” regulation applied in the automotive field. With lower levels of gas emissions, it is clear why in nowadays it’s an essential element. Large manufacturers rely on it as a raw material for auto parts. Moreover, many stakeholders contribute a lot to artificial raises of this rare metal’s prices on the international markets. Owning physical platinum might be a lot more profitable than other alternatives, because of the current buying opportunity with its price currently lower than gold’s.

How can you make sure a precious metal dealer is reliable?

There are several aspects you must consider before deciding on one precious metal dealer over another. Reviews from existing clients can provide the comfort that the dealer has a high level of customer satisfaction. Track record and industry accreditations also indicate the standard the dealer meets.

  • Customer reviews – Ensure these are available through a reliable 3rd party review service like Trustpilot or Ekomi
  • Track record – Has the dealer been around for several years or just set up? Ideally they will be members of industry associations such as the British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA).

All currencies are vulnerable to a number of factors and variables. International contexts might have a disastrous effect on one national currency or another. However, precious metals seem to provide for a number of families great stability in times of crisis. Wealthy families from areas affected by war and other unfavourable geopolitical influences have found protection by using the precious metals accumulated over a period of time. However, gold seems to be the almighty precious metal one can possess. Essential in every state’s Treasury, it is what makes one entity more powerful than another. Financial stability and power influences a lot a country’s position in an international context. With such a great power over nations and states, it is no wonder a family can assure a steady future for all its members for many generations by acquiring such commodities.