Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair Inspired by Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is not only a very talented singer but she is also a very stylish young lady. She is a big fan of retro hairstyles which go great with her fabulous blonde hair. Despite the fact that her hairstyles appear to be very sophisticated, they are quite easy to replicate. Furthermore, all of her hairstyles are suitable for special events such as the prom. In this article, we have gathered the best prom hairstyles for long hair inspired by Taylor Swift.

  • Side Curls

This is by far the most simple of all prom hairstyles for long hair. All it requires is a curling iron and some hair spray. Simply, curl your hair and fix it on one side by using some hair pins. In order to make sure that your hairstyle will look exactly like Taylor’s, make sure to also use a glam hair band which will make this simple hairstyle looks extremely sophisticated.

  • Bohemian braided chignon and rich fringe

This second hairstyle can be worn either with a fringe or without a fringe. If you don’t have the fringe, yet you want to achieve this exact hairstyle, make sure that your face is suited for this type of fringe. Generally, fringes suit all types of faces except for round faces. As far as the actual hairstyle goes, you must start by braiding a strand of hair from below the ear. Braid the hair upwards and use it in order to frame the top of the head as if the braid were a tiara. Once you are done, fix the end of the braid bellow the opposite ear and move on to the rest of the hair. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you will have to separate the hair into several sections. Braid each section individually and then roll them and fix them at the back of the head. It is alright if the braids are messy and there are a few thin strands of hair coming out as this hairstyle highlights the beauty of a messy style.

  • Side chignon

As you can see most of these prom hairstyles for long hair feature thin curls which are very popular at the moment. This last hairstyle is also extremely easy to do. You start by curling your hair. The direction of the curls should be outwards, away from your face. Once the hair is curly, you take each curly strand of hair, twist it and fix if on one side of your hair. As you can see, the overall effect is slightly messy and it also features some hair knots. Therefore, don’t stress to much about the shape of the chignon. If as the curls are done right, the hair will stay exactly how you want it to stay.