Put Your Snow Shovel to Rest and Replace It with a Snow Blower


Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the falling snow during the winter time. One day you clean your yard of snow and the next day it’s at the same height as it was two days before! The classic method that everybody uses is the snow shovel. Of course that there are many shovel models and everybody chooses the one that looks and feels the most ergonomic.

Get Hi-tech!

Some of us even try to improve the shoveling method and try to transform it into something that’s actually fun to watch and perform. Some physics principles are applied in order to diminish the human necessary force for shoveling.


There is a potential danger because some accidents might happen and then your cleaning process must be paused. If you are lucky enough by the time when you return in your yard with a new shovel, the snow is almost as it was before you started cleaning your yard.

The elegant way of clearing snow

Of course there is another way less troublesome that will save the snowy day. You can buy a snow blower and everything will be finished in no time. Here we present you some differences between using the snow shovel and using the snow blower. If you don’t own one yet probably after you will finish reading this you will go straight to the hardware store!

Force Support

The most beautiful part about using a snow blower is that it practically does the job for you. Say goodbye to hurtful back or arms. A gas powered machine will help you rest while your yard will almost get clean by itself. Imagine yourself in a ski equipment rolling around your yard and moving mountains! Literally… snow mountains.

Types of snow shovels and snow blowers

As you have already noticed there are available many types of snow shovels and snow blowers on the market. The snow shovels differentiate between themselves by the input length and depth. The snow blowers have different sizes, capacities and forces. Don’t let yourself be fooled only by the size of the snow blower. There are also other important variables that influence the efficiency of the snow blower, such as the power of the engine, the gas tank and the size of its mouth. Gas powered models are of course more efficient, especially when it comes to heavy snow or when you are clearing a gravel area. However, if you check out some electric snow blower reviews, you will see that the electric models require less maintenance, and if your driveway and side alleys are paved, there really isn’t any need for a more powerful machine. When checking out various gas powered or electric snow blower reviews, make sure to focus on models on which the chute can be adjustable in order for you to control more easily the direction where the blower will discharge the snow.

Snow storms

If you live in an area with capricious weather then you must know that it would be very difficult for you to clean the snow with a shovel after a snow storm.

Price difference

Investing in a snow blower may leave you with a hole in your pocket. This item is very useful if you have a big yard or if you  live in an area where it snows almost everyday during the winter time.