Safety review and rating for the Fiat Panda 2011


The 2011 edition of the Fiat Panda scores a safety rating of four stars out of five, according to the tests carried out by the New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP), which rates this and other vehicle comprehensively in terms of their safety for adult and children occupants, but also for the safety they provide for pedestrians. The reviews take into account the safety equipment provided in addition to the actual specifications of the cars and conducts full crash testing to see how the different models stands up to impacts from all angles. If you have been invovled in a road traffic accident want information on if you are entitled to make a claim contact

In terms of adult occupants the Fiat Panda Hatchback model provides a decent degree of stability in the wake of forward impact, with the dummies indicating that the protection afforded to the femur and knee areas of the driver and passenger are good, although their could potentially be a risk to drivers due to the location of the ignition barrel and steering column. In testing the side impact of the car, NCAP demonstrated that the car offers decent protection to most areas of the body but that the protection provided for the chest area in the event of a side collision was less impressive. Limited protection is offered by the head and seat restraint, against whiplash in the wake of rear end collisions.

The frontal impact test indicated that children would not be moved forward to an excessive degree in the wake of a frontal collision, but the test saw the dummy’s head glance the rear window when it rebounded. The car scored better for rear seated child occupants when it came to side impact crash testing, with dummy remaining properly and safely secured during this test.

The car scored top points for the protection afforded to pedestrians by the bumper, but the bonnet’s front edge mostly offered poor standards of