Scrapbook Ideas For A Personal Journal

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As time goes by, our memory deteriorates and against our will we forget important events in our life. A scrapbook journal is the best way to keep precious memories alive. You can record your thoughts and combine them with all kinds of visual elements in order to express your feelings or tell a concrete story. The way you decorate the pages of the journal reflect your feelings on the subject. Today we are going to present you a few scrapbook ideas for a personal journal.

A personal journal can focused on a specific topic or it can be inspired by random events. If you are keeping a journal feel free to write in it every day. In order to better document your everyday life as well as your inner development you can try to always carry a camera with you. This way you can always immortalize special moments as well as inspiring images. When you get home try to write down your thoughts on the most interesting events of the day. You can attach the photo and use various scraps and pieces in order to create a background for the picture of just for your thoughts. Another great idea is to use a photography computer soft in order to create a faded image of a photo which you can then glue into the journal and write on it.

There are a lot of scrapbook ideas for a personal journal that you can apply. If you are a fan of drawing you can paint or color each page before writing on it. You can also print colored patterns that you can use as backgrounds. Once you have settled on the background you can move on to writing. You can do this in a classic writing design or you can choose more original ideas. For example if your daily journal entry is focused on a picture you can write around the picture. Or if you feel like drawing you can create a beautiful design on the whole page and then write your thoughts on the margins.

Other useful scrapbook ideas for a personal journal include the materials that you can use to decorate your pages. On the topic of decorations feel free to go as crazy as you want. You can use fabric or paper scraps, buttons, broken jewelry, lace,pressed flowers, old yellow book pages and so on. Decorations can be random or they can recreate an element from a featured picture.