Searching For Authentic Italian Restaurants


The Italian cuisine is by far the most famous and popular cuisine in the world. Due to the fact that over 30 million Italian emigrants are scattered across the globe it makes perfect sense to see more and more Italian restaurant appear from around the corner. However very few so-called Italian restaurants manage to achieve the credibility of the Italian cuisine and culture. Although it is a well known fact that creativity is an important part of the cooking process, one can’t help but wonder if innovation is starting to destroy authenticity.

The obsession that people have over Italian cuisine is driving a lot of people to adventure into the art of Italian cuisine from the comfort of their home. However authentic ingredients can be hard to find and at times. Furthermore cooking with traditional Italian ingredients doesn’t necessarily guarantee an Italian meal. One requires a certain understanding of the Italian culture in order to properly cook Italian dishes. Although Italian cuisine is based on exploring a few basic ingredients, that does not mean that the ingredients can be combined wildly. There are a lot of Italian restaurants that serve relatively good food but lack authenticity. In order to be a master of this cuisine a chef should consider living in Italy for a while as cooking books are missing the passion associated with the Italian cuisine.

While food is the most important part of a restaurant there are other aspects that can bring contribution to a restaurant credibility. A lot of restaurants are basing their success on glamorous designs. Usually elements of glass and marble are sufficient for decorating an Italian restaurant. However some people still remember the first Italian restaurants where you could breath in the Mediterranean spirit in every inch of the room. The red tablecloths, the dim light provided by candles placed in Chianti bottles and the Italian music were the perfect ambiance for enjoying an Italian meal. Alas, these details were lost in time. Furthermore as Italian restaurants are often frequented by foreigners, the waiters also need to have a basic understanding of Italian cuisine in order to be able to recommend the best food and wine combinations.

The best way to enjoy Italian cuisine is to actually visit Italy. Only here will you be able to explore the diversity of this cuisine. The great thing about Italy is that while expensive glamorous restaurants are quite enjoyable, quality food can also be found in cheap taverns.