Simple Ways to Keep Your Pool Clean


The pool you are swimming in must definitely be very clean, in order to avoid dealing with skin itchiness, eye redness, or even stomach problems. Even if you are busy and you think you do not have enough time for that, there are also some simple ways to keep your pool clean at all times. Here are some of them.

Keep it covered when you don’t use it

It is important that, when it is not being used, your swimming pool is covered. If you keep it covered, you will actually protect the water from becoming very dirty from the dust, dirt, leaves, flies, and so on. Therefore, make sure you have a good cover, and long enough to protect the entire pool.

Buy the best robotic pool cleaner

You definitely need to buy a robotic pool cleaner. Your pool will be clean with a device like this, and you will not even need to make any effort whatsoever. If you decide to go for the best robotic pool cleaner, then you must not forget to get one that can clean every corner of your pool, including not only the walls but the steps and the floor as well. Furthermore, the unit should also be powerful, so that it can eliminate the debris, dirt, and dust as well, with efficiency.

One device that matches this description is the Dolphin 99996323 that shows excellent results in cleaning any type of pool. According to the information available in the dolphin 99996323 review we read online, this unit can clean in-ground pools of up to 50 ft. in length, leaving it sparkling clean and free of debris and dirt. Given that this unit costs around $800, the investment will not be small but it will surely be worth it.

Skimming and brushing are very important

Many cleaning supplies need to be attached to a telescopic pole, so you need to make sure you have one. In order to be sure that your pool is free of any debris that can contaminate the water, it is highly recommended to wipe off the pole. Moreover, you need to get a leaf skimmer or a skimmer net. With this cleaning tools, you can easily remove the leaves that end up in your pool, and the debris as well. In order to clean very well the ladders, sides, and steps, you must use a pool brush. Keep in mind to get one that it is right for the material your pool is built off, in order to not cause any damages to it. All these simple ways to keep your pool clean will definitely help you know exactly what you should do, in order to have a safe-to-swim pool.