Sore throat remedies for a fast healing process


Sore throat is a very common condition that affects people of all ages and it is caused by a wide array of factors, whether they have a viral or infectious nature. Fortunately, it can be easily treated at home with some common and very effective sore throat remedies that don’t require medical consultation or prescription. Natural remedies represent a very handy and affordable solution that many times provides results in a shorter time frame than conventional treatments. Thus, when swallowing becomes a hassle, it is time to take a look in the pantry and select the sore throat remedies that will help you not just to get rid of the pain but also feel better than ever.

Particularly, the first thing that you should keep in mind is that the throat infection is a condition that you can treat easily as long as it is not associated with other symptoms such as intense fever, sever headaches, dizziness or vomiting. In this case you should ask for medical advise and the sore throat remedies may include antibiotics if the throats are caused by bacterial infections. However, some of the easiest and most effective sore throat remedies are gargles. You can use infusion of chamomile, twice a day and if you add a teaspoon of honey, you will get results faster. You can also opt for salt water gargle and all you need to do is to mix a glass a warm water with a teaspoon of salt until the salt is completely dissolved in the water; take a sip of the mixture and gargle for about 20 seconds until the mixture is consumed. This is one of the most effective sore throat remedies given that salt reduces the inflammation an prevents further infections. Yet, if the mixture is too salty, the mucosa of your throat will dry and this will result in further irritation. Aside from this salty solution, you could also use apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper in a cup of warm water as well as calendula tea mixed with salt, lemon juice or diet sodium bicarbonate. Commercial antibacterial mouthwash like Listerine and aloe juices are highly effective and affordable.

Sore throat remedies for temporary pain relief could also include tea made from cinnamon, elderflower, thyme, basil or rosehip. Again, it is recommended to add a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice for they have antiseptic effects and they definitely improve the taste of your tea. Hard candies, sprays and lozenges are great sore throat remedies, especially if you have to leave home and you don’t have access to other treatments. You can use as many of these as you want, but you should not give them to children for there is the risk of choking. If the sore throat becomes intolerable, you should take analgesics like ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Your sore throat remedies should definitely include many fluids, fresh fruits as well as warm soups which are mandatory especially in the evening. In order to speed up the healing process, you can apply a film of vegetable oils in the neck area or compresses that include juices made from cabbage or raw potato. As you can see, there is an array of sore throat remedies that you can find in your own kitchen without the need to resort to conventional drugs which are filled with numerous chemicals.