Sore throat remedies for children


One of the top five reasons why children miss school is sore throat. Strep throat is usually the cause of bacterial infection but the sore can also be caused by a virus. In many cases your child may present other symptoms such as runny nose or cough. Usually sore throats disappear on their own but here are a few steps that you should fallow in order to reduce the period of time it takes to get healthy.

It is helpful to know the following when you call your doctor so that he can determent if he needs an examination or not:

  1. Temperature over 38 degrees
  2. Difficulty swallowing
  3. Stiff neck
  4. Has recently been exposed to someone with strep throat
  • Infection from bacteria

If your child is experiencing sorethroat along with fever that means that you should go with him to take the strep test. This is important because bacterial sore troths require antibiotics where as viral ones heal on their own. It is very important to finish the antibiotic treatment even if the kid starts to feel better because this will prevent future sore throats and will also prevent the bacteria to become resistant to the medications. That is why it is very important to find out what is the cause of your childes sore throat

  • Tips on what you can do at home

Since your child may refuse to swallow because of the pain you should give him soft drinks and make sure that he drinks a lot of fluids, in general, because this help eliminate the virus from the body. You should tell your child not to shout or scream and give him a warm beverage mixed with honey and lemon. Ease the pain by giving him salty water to gargle. You can also help ease the pain by running a steamy bathroom because this will help ease the pain.

  • Other treatments

A wide range  of  treatments for sore throats  are now available, but according to the Mayo Clinic the evidence of their efficiency are very little so that means that they can´t actually prove that they work. These treatments are mostly based on herbs from which you make your teas. These herbs can be found at any grocery store, pharmacy or bio stores. It is important you consult your personal doctor before you start using them so that you know what is the proper amount recommended for a child. These herbs include chamomile, licorice root, honey and eucalyptus .