Summer Nail Designs


As summer is quickly approaching, its time to leave the sad, boring, winter outfits behind and liven up our looks. In order to do this, we must first do some cleaning in our wardrobes, after which it is time to clean up the makeup kit. Once, we are done cleaning, it is time for some shopping. If you are one of those women who likes her nails to be not only clean and trimmed, but also stylish and interesting, you need to shop for some summer nail polishes. Make sure to buy shades of red, green, turquoise, blue, yellow and orange. Today, we are going to present you with some fun summer nail designs which will definitely add a touch of joy to your looks.

  • Fruity nails

Fruity patterns are great for the summer time. The most popular fruity patterns are the strawberry ones, but watermelons, lemons and limes are not far behind. Cherries are also very popular and quite easy to make. In order to be able to make these designs, you will need a thin brush as most of the fruity patterns feature fine nails. The most predominant colors in the fruity patterns are green and red, followed by yellow. If you are looking for specific tutorials, you can find a lot of tutorials on the website. Not only does this website have a wide variety of nail trends, but it also features tips and tricks for simple nail designs.

  • Sweet nails

Deserts are also a great inspiration when it comes to summer nail designs. Ice cream cones can make for a very original nail design pattern, especially if you paint the cones on the nails of one hand and paint the ice cream on the nails from the other hand. Aside from ice cream, sweet nail designs can also feature cupcakes.

  • Summer colors

If the nail designs featured above are too complicated for you, you can try some geometric designs which are a lot easier to make. Use scotch tape in order to establish your pattern and choose lively summer colors such as blue, pink and yellow. If you don’t like geometric patterns, you can try some abstract nail designs which imply splashing the nails with various nail polishes.

  • Navy designs

The navy style is an important element of the summer fashion trends so it is no wonder that this style is also present in the nail design trends. The navy nail designs use three basic colors: white, red and navy blue. The designs usually feature stripe combinations between the three colors with an occasional anchor painted on just one of the nails of each hand.