Tasks to outsource to virtual assistants


It is normal for managers to want to have control over all the operations that go on in their company or office, but this endeavor is rarely constructive. In fact, by focusing on too many tasks at once, you can lose focus of the things that matter most, getting lost in the duties that should be dealt with by a secretary or assistant. Virtual assistants have become one of the fastest solutions to this problem, helping managers eliminate the stress of secretarial tasks and concentrate on leading, and, contrary to common belief, they are not a luxury reserved only for large multinationals or Fortune 500 companies. On the contrary, managers can hire local or foreign VAs at affordable rates and pay much less than if they were to hire a new personnel. Since the number of tasks that can be completed over the phone or using the Web is getting higher, virtual assistants can now do more things than ever, so you should hire one regardless of your field of activity.


Customer service & live support

Prompt, reliable and professional customer service is one of the hallmarks of a trustworthy company and it should never be neglected, not even when the company is small in size. If your budget prevents you from establishing a customer service department, you could contact a VA from 247 Virtual Assistants for help. They can address customer concerns such as troubleshooting, complaints and product installation and maintenance 24/7 and you do not need to provide them with a physical office on your premises. Depending on your needs and budget, you can work with local VAs or outsource customer service to foreign ones.


Data Entry, Word Processing & Translations


Whether you have an IT company or a paper factory, data entry, word processing and translations are tasks that you will inevitably come across. However, starting a department to deal with them is not that profitable and it would be more practical to collaborate with virtual assistants only on a project basis.


Administrative Duties


Many managers do not realize this, but administrative tasks such as sorting files, making photocopies, sending correspondence, scheduling appointments and running errands in general takes several hours from the working day, leaving you with less energy for managerial duties. You can clear out your schedule by working with a virtual assistant and find more time for the tasks that really matter.


Online Research


Whether you want to analyze market trends, customer behavior or check the competition, online research is extremely important. However, the process can very time-consuming, especially if you do not use the Internet very often or do not know where to go to find out the information you need. Professional VAs can do this for you in the blink of an eye, so that you can develop strategies based on accurate and up to date information.


The above are just some of the tasks that virtual assistants can help you with. You can also contact a VA to conduct background checks on job candidates, create mailing lists and do bookkeeping.