The 5 W’s of breast augmentation



The idea of breast augmentation is one of the most controversial, when it comes to women, due to the fact that it is seen like a superficial way of changing one’s body. There are people who say that if nature was not generous enough as to offer you the body that you find attractive, you should just have to accept it. But this is just an old conception. Nowadays there are modern and innovative procedures which allow women to get the body that they like, without any great effort. They also include going through a breast augmentation surgery, a thing that should not scare you at all. But in case you feel like you head starts spinning with all the problems when you talk about breast augmentation, here are some things that can help you feel less confused.

W – What should I know about breast augmentation?

What is breast augmentation more precisely? It is a method which is used for increasing the size of women’s breasts, by using implants or fat. But, if you check the statistics, there is a high probability for you to ask for another such surgery. No less than twenty-five percent of women who decide to use breast augmentation claim that they will need another intervention after around ten years. Whether you like it or not, implants cannot last forever. There are cases when they begin to “leak”. They can also change their shape and make you feel unsatisfied by the result. But, remember, each woman is different. You can be the exception of this rule.

W – Why do I need this medical procedure?

There are many reasons which determine women to find this alternative as the best one. For example, if you do not like what you see when you look in the mirror or if you feel ashamed by your small breasts, it is time to take actions. Believe it or not, breast augmentation will also boost your confidence and make you feel attractive.

On the other hand, you should not do it only because a man told you so. There are many women who claim that their boyfriends/ husbands are not satisfied with the way their wives/ girlfriends’ breasts look like. But this reason is not enough for taking such decision. But no matter what you decide, you should be careful how big your new breasts are going to be after the surgery. If you do not choose the right dimensions, it will be quite difficult for you to do certain activities such as jogging or weight lifting.

W – When should I try breast augmentation surgery?

The answer to this question is quite simple: whenever you feel prepared. In case you think that you are not ready yet for such intervention, you should postpone it for some time and make sure that you are not going to regret it. In order to find out what you want, take a look in a mirror and ask yourself if you like what you see. In case you do not, you should try to apply this method.

Moreover, you should also make sure this is exactly what you need. For example, there are cases when women do not need breast augmentation, but other procedures such as “mommy-makeover”. Mommy-makeover is highly recommended for women who have just give birth to a child, a thing which has changed their body a lot. Also, breastfeeding can be a reason for trying this procedure. Thus, do a small research before taking any decision. You can also ask for the opinion of a friend, but he or she should be a trust-worthy person.

W – Where can I find a reliable clinic that can provide me the services that I need?

In the majority of cases, Internet is the right answer. Before going to any clinic, you should try to find more about one which seems like a smart choice. In this case, the most important part is played by online reviews. When it comes to their body, women have the tendency to be very supportive and also to post reviews and recommendation about clinics. For example, if you live in Toronto, things can prove quite easy because there are many good clinics that can prove a real help. But in case you do not, you should think about organising a small trip in Canada. There are many things that you would like about it.

W – Whose is going to help me?

Only really good professionals can help you when it comes to breast augmentation. Try to find one who is ready to listen to you and also offer you some good pieces of advice. In majority of cases, the doctor becomes more than an expert in the health industry: a friend and a confident. If you trust him/ her enough, you will be able to communicate easily and also to find the best solution. However, there is nothing you should feel embarrassed about. Thousands of women take this decision every day and they are proud by the results.