The best basketball teams


Basketball is one of the most beloved sports in the world. Over the years true fans have stayed loyal to their teams. They watched the games with their friends, they collected cards and valued autographs like the most precious treasures. Several basketball teams have forever market the history of this game. In the mean time the younger generations are struggling to make a name for themselves and bring glory to their team. Today we are going to discus a few of the best NBA teams in history as well as in the present.

The Boston Celtics are a renowned team but they have had their ups and down. However the old fans still remember the team’s golden years. The 64-64 team made their fans proud when they managed to win the seventh consecutive NBA championship. Furthermore the ’85-’86 team managed to make a new record of 40-1 home winnings, which happens to be the best percentage in NBA history. The best Philadelphia teams were the one from ’66-’67 and the one from ’82-’83. The last one managed to score the best NBA playoff winning percentage. Other glorious basketball teams that defined the history of this sport are the ’71 and ’86 L.A. Lakers, The ’69 New York Knicks, the ’88 Detroit Pistons and the ’91 and ’95 Chicago Bulls.

In 2013 there are a couple of teams that so far have manifested great talent as well as amazing strategies. Despite the result of the championship this basketball teams are certainly worth watching in the next years. The Boston Celtics are always a force to be reckoned with and this season they have certainly proven their might. The Denver Nudgets have raised their team’s status by adding Andre Iguala whose amazing defensive skills allow him to even handle the great Kobe Bryant. The San Antonio Spurs, Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Clippers also have a lot of great players this season. Furthermore former champion, Miami Heat is said to be the best team in the Eastern Conference as well as the most hated team in the league. Furthermore Kevin Durant from Oklahoma City Thunder has definitely turned his team into a dangerous opponent. Last but not least the L.A Lakers have also put on a good show so far given their recent additions. Jodie Meeks, Steve Nash, Dwight Howard and Antawn Jamison have changed the team’s chemistry and improved their chances of victory.