The Best Instant Messenger Apps for Android


Mobile phones are quickly, but steadily replacing personal computers. Remember the time when you would use your computer in order to communicate with your friends via the internet? I think its safe to say that time is long gone. Nowadays, there are countless mobile chat apps which allow you to communicate with anyone in the world, free of charge or with minimum expenses. Lets take a look at some of the best instant messenger apps for Android.

1. WhatsApp

This mobile chat app is very easy to use. Furthermore, its completely free during the first year of use and only costs $0.99 per year after that. WhatsApp accesses your contact list in order to help you send instant messenger to all of your contacts which are also using this app. The messages can contain texts, photos, videos or voice recordings. This app only uses internet traffic and has no connection to the mobile network providers. This amazing app does not require you to log in so you don’t have to worry about usernames and passwords. The only thing which worries WhatsApp users is the fact that this app was recently purchased by Facebook and might soon feature some dreaded adds.

2. Viber

Although there are a lot more popular instant messenger apps out there, we still include Viber in our top because of its voice call option. Most people use chat apps in order to communicate with people from other countries, since mobile costs are quite high. However, this app doesn’t just allow you to send texts, videos and photos, but actually call the people you want to talk with. The voice calls also benefit from a great audio quality which sort of makes Viber, the mobile version of Skype.

3. Kik

This instant messenger app has over 80 million users. It shares a lot of similarities with WhatsApp as it allows you to send messages containing texts, videos and photos. However, Kik also allows you to share YouTube links, self drawn sketches and much more. It also has a lot of unique emoticons which include, but are not limited to, the South Park characters. In order to make things even more interesting, Kik also allows its users to send each other memes or to photo bomb their friends.

These are but a few of the many instant messenger apps available for Android. If none of them suit your needs, you can also try SnapChat (a very entertaining app which instantly sends your captured photos to a selected group of contacts), BBM or Skype. Using any of these apps on your computer is also a great method to keep in touch with your friends. Moreover, you can use BBM for PC to write documents and to make sketches, which can help you a lot when you need to prepare reports for work.

The advantages of installing instant messaging applications on your PC

If you want to enhance your chatting experience, we recommend you to download your favorite applications on you personal computer or laptop. That way, you can text using a more convenient keyboard, and you can view and edit pictures in more suitable conditions. Although there are many popular apps that can help you communicate with your friends easier and faster, we suggest you to opt for BBM for PC. The steps that you need to follow in order to install this instant messaging tool are very easy, so you don’t have to worry about not having the necessary skills.