The Best Natural Headache Remedies


A headache is a common problem that most people experience several times in their lifetimes. Due to the frequency of these conditions there are a lot of drugs, as well as massage techniques that can ease the pain or make it disappear altogether. If you are experiencing headaches on a regular basis then they might be correlated with a severe condition therefore you should visit the doctor as soon as possible. On the other hand the headaches can sometimes appear on account of stress therefore there is no way to prevent them. However if you are not a fan of western medicine and prefer natural solutions then you might consider trying these effective natural headache remedies. Regular visits to a Melbourne osteopathy clinic will ensure that you will not suffer from headaches again, not to mention that massage therapy can also improve your blood circulation, relieve muscle sores, neck stiffness, joint and back pain.

The best way to fight stress is with relaxation. Therefore if you feel a tension headache coming up try to find a secluded place where you can relax. The best thing to do is recreate sleeping conditions. Lay down, adjust the room temperature and make sure no one disrupts you. There are a few simple tricks that you can do in order to ease the pain. You can try placing cold compresses on your forehead or massaging several key parts of your body. Start with a scalp massage and move down to the occipital area. Another thing you can do is massage the pressure point where your thumb bone meets your index bone. It is best if these massages are made by someone else but if that is not possible you can do them yourself. If the headache persists or returns very often, you should resort to Melbourne osteopathy services. Professional massage can work miracles when it comes to pain relief.


There are a lot of essential oils natural headache remedies. For example you can try applying peppermint oil on your hairline in order to enjoy a cooling sensation that will relax your muscles. You can also try Roman Chamomile oil that acts like a anti-inflammatory, Lavender oil which is a natural pain killer and Clary Sage which slows down the heart rate. You can use these oils combined with a massage or you can pour a few drops in a bath.

Headaches can sometimes be caused by our eating habits. Some food products can disrupt the brain’s flow of blood while others can thin the blood and allow it to flow normally. In order to prevent headaches one should avoid gluten products, chocolate, coffee, cheese and red wine. Regular consumption of almonds, avocado and wheatgerm can help prevent headaches. A great way to encourage a steady blood flow is to widen the blood vessel. You can do this by chewing Fever Few, a British herb that is often used as a headache remedy. Furthermore Willow is an herb that acts in the same way as a painkiller. These are but a few of the many natural headache remedies. Although these have proven to be very successful in many cases you should consult your physicist in order to make sure that they will not affect another possible condition.