The Bvlgari Astrale Bracelet


The Bvlgari Astrale Bracelet is made of 18 kt yellow gold. The gold is swirled into a shield design. The three shields are made of concentric circles paved with round diamonds. Across the shields several lively colored gems are scattered in a rather random manner. The Rhondolite Garnets combined with the Citrine Quartz, the Amethysts, Peridots, Green Tourmalines and Blue Topazes are a delicious mix that can inspire various sensations. For example while some visualize a starry sky others see an exotic landscape. After all what women wouldn’t want to enjoy a yummy cocktail on an exotic island. And as she stares into the clear blue sea her stunning bracelet would reflect the equatorial sun rays in a charming manner.

Owning the latest Bvlgari Astrale bracelet can make a woman feel powerful and secure. It can be worn with various outfits such as a beige or yellow casual outfit or a mint blue evening gown. If you don’t like to mix and match you can also purchase the Astrale necklace,ring and earrings. These amazing jewelry pieces are part of the famous Astrale collection. Despite the exotic design, the inspiration for the latest series of this collection was the vast starry sky. The colored gems alone have a powerful visual impact. The perfect color combination resembles an abstract painting that evokes freedom and joy. Furthermore when they are combined with the countless paved diamonds, the various precious stones look like an aurora borealis on a cold arctic sky. Precious gem stones can awake a lot of feelings in a woman and this particular bracelet is full of inspiration.

When women talk about jewelry they are incapable of hiding the sparkle in their eyes. Elizabeth Tailor had a very nice explanation for her diamond obsession: although they don’t have a shoulder for us to cry on and they can’t hug us on a cold night, we can’t help but be mesmerized by diamonds’ sparkle. Well if the prestigious Dame doesn’t have a more logical explanation for her love of jewelry why should the rest of us justify ourselves. One thing is for sure. Whether it is the sparkle of the paved diamonds or the mix of colored precious stones, this bracelet is a marvelous piece of jewelry. If you are interested in purchasing this bracelet be prepared to pay between $27.000 and $34.000. Although the price may be a bit too spicy we guarantee that this Bvlgari Astrale Bracelet will forever be appreciated for its intriguing design.