The career that suits you best


It often happens to doubt about our vocation and therefore to feel that we have made a wrong choice when we have been hired. But this is the advantage of life. We are free to do what we want and to make the changes we would like.

At first you may be insecure about your ideas of changing. If boredom or low possibilities of promotion are two of your moods, then we suggest you to leave your job and choose the career that suits you best.

Another case is when you are a victim of unemployment and the though economical conditions stop you from following the career that suits you best. Be prepared to improve your skills and be courageous, because this change is possible only with your own efforts!

Think of what work represents for you today. Is it a source of money, a source of respect among the others or something you never want to discuss about with your friends? Your physical health, as well as your mental health is two very important factors that are directly affected by what we call now career.  Make sure your work is meaningful and rewarding and it brings you optimism and joy, confidence.

After having done this analysis, try to search for something new. Of course, we suggest it to you in case you are very disappointed on your actual job. Think of what brings you happiness and satisfaction and drives you to the peaks of success.

If you do not know exactly how to proceed in searching your vocation, there are some tips:

  • Think about what you love to do most. Think about your wishes during childhood, your wishes as a student and what you wished for in the last years. Try to look for ideas everywhere.
  • Look over the movies you watch, the people you talk, the news you read and note down what impresses and attracts you more.
  • Do not forget that this process take a lot of time and you are requested to be chill and not to get angry immediately.

Another hind in the journey of finding the career that suits you best is to be attentive to the feelings you will experience. The first obstacles will be represented by the laziness and fear of looking for something different. Also the idea of being too old or too young is considered to be an obstacle as well. Underestimation and the prejudice of not being born lucky should also raise a question mark for you.