The Cartier Biennale Necklace


Société Cartier was founded in France in 1947 and over the years it has become one of the most prestigious jewelry houses in the world. Having dealt with both royalties and celebrities the Cartier jewelers have proved that they are able to create stunning jewelry pieces for the most pretentious tastes. Furthermore they have proved that their designs have passed the test of time as they are never out of style. Over the years their jewelry pieces were inspired by various cultures, landscapes and philosophies. Their 2012 collection has been inspired by extreme landscapes managing to harmonize unlikely color and stone combinations. However their characteristic panther design was also present in their latest collection. Today we are going to present a sophisticated icy jewelry piece: the Cartier Biennale Necklace.

This stunning necklace was revealed at the Biennale Des Antiquaries in 2012 which is like an ultimate jewelry competition. During the Biennale the most famous jewelry houses in the world revealed their latest collection. Cartier took almost two years to complete the collection that they presented at this event. The jewelry pieces were inspired by unique landscapes such as urban, solar, boreal, temporal and so on. Diamonds, sapphires, quartz, emeralds, aquamarines and pearls were the main elements of the collection. Together they blended in intriguing ways giving birth to lively jewelry pieces. The prices for these unique pieces can be revealed upon demand but lets just just say that these jewelry pieces are out of the common citizen’s reach. However such pieces are definitely red carpet material so be prepared to see some of these pieces of art at the next high class event.

The Cartier Biennale Necklace is a platinum necklace featuring a 236.27ct aquamarine, one natural pearl, aquamarine beads and diamonds. This exquisite piece of jewelry is stunning due to its unique design. The massive pear drop aquamarine is covered with a frost like diamond design. It is united with the chain thought a snowflake diamond formation. The necklace’s chain is made out of rectangular platinum links incrusted with round diamonds. Several smaller aquamarine beads are symmetrically blended with the links in order to complete the frosty ensemble. This necklace is inspired by a boreal landscape therefore it is ideal for an ice queen appearance. Like all high class jewelry, the Cartier Biennale Necklace is a unique treasure. Wearing it is a privilege and any women lucky enough to own it should appreciate its eternal beauty.