The Cowboys – The Most Valuable Of All Football Teams

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Football is the most popular sports in the United States. Every year it gathers thousands of people on stadiums as well as millions in front of the TV. From college football championships to the Supper Bowl, all levels of football are beloved by Americans across the country. People put a lot of hearts into supporting their favorite teams. Therefore it makes sense that football is also one of the most profitable sports in the world. Not only do fans spend money to go see their favourite teams play, but also invest huge amounts in buying official clothing and memorabilia. Some bid on rare items, while others just buy NFL jerseys from sites like NFL Store UK, even when football is not played in their country. American football has definitely crossed borders. Furthermore the amount of money made by a team is not always proportional to its victories. Most of the times revenues are generated by a team’s popularity. Today we are going to discuss about one of the most valuable football teams in the world, the famous Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys are by far the most profitable team in the U.S. With an estimated value of $2.1 billion, they have a $465 advantage in front of the second most valuable team. The team was purchased by Jerry Jones in 1989. The Cowboys generate over $200 million only through premium seating and stadium sportsmanship. Having won 5 championships, it is the second best of team when it comes to the number of Super Bowl victories. However the latest years have not been so kind to the team as the Cowboys have not been present in a Super Bowl in almost 16 years. However this hasn’t stopped the money flow as in 2011 the team generated $500 million in total revenue which is a new record for an National Football League team. This is but another proof of the profitability of football teams.

The popularity of this team is also supported by their famous Cowboys stadium. This is the third largest stadium in the NFL and the largest dome structure in the world. The stadium is so amazing that people actually take visiting tours of it. During a tour one can admire the various works of art displayed through the stadium or even throw a ball in the court. Although playing on such a legendary stadium can be a great experience on a tour, nothing compares to the thrills felt by the players when they are performing in front of thousands of people. The stadium has a capacity of 85.000 seats but it can accommodate as much as 105 000 people. Furthermore it is also equipped with the fourth largest high definition screen. Given this facts it is quite normal that the team has a $53 revenue per fan. This is but a small contribution for supporting one of the most beloved football teams in the world.