The Croods Review And Summary


The latest Dreamworks animation, “The Croods” presents the story of the first family trip in history. We are presented with a less than ordinary heroine that doesn’t fit the beauty pattern that we are used to. This solidly built, crazy haired girl is going through typical father-daughter disagreements due to her lust for adventure. The routine of the Crood family is interrupted when the Earth starts to break apart into continents forcing them to leave their home.

Grug is the leader of the Crood family. He is a protective husband and father who has taught his family that fear is essential for survival. The family only leaves their cave when they need to hunt. “The Croods” uses a prehistoric approach in order to present typical teenager-parent problems. Eep is a curious girl who is eager to discover the world outside her cave. However her father runs the family with an iron hand making it impossible for her to have any time alone. Everything changes one night when she leaves the cage in order to follow a peculiar light. The light leads her to a young man named Guy. Unlike her family,Guy is an evolved human who constantly finds ingenious solutions to all sorts of problems. He warns Eep about the dangers that await her if she does not leave her place. According to him the Earth’s surface will soon crumble and in order to survive they need to reach the highest mountain.

When “The Croods” are faced with the Earth’s transformations they are forced to abandon their fear of new. Grug kidnaps Guy and forces him to lead them to a safe place. However, the whole family starts to care for Guy and his original ideas and eventually they choose to follow him instead of Grug. In time they learn to trust each other in order to save themselves. Grug and Guy realize that they both want Eeps safety and learn to work together.

The great thing about this animation is that it appeals to both children and adults. The jokes are innocent yet funny, the story is packed with action and adventure and the landscapes are beautifully designed transporting you to a magical land. The initial home of the Crood family was a boring and sad desert where nothing ever happened. However when they adventure outside their comfort zone they discover a magical world full of color and possibilities. This is a great family movie. It talks about courage, family values and creativity. It teaches a lesson about the importance of constantly improving ourselves in order to be able to face any challenge.