The Harry Winston Peacock Black Opal Brooch


Harry Winston is one of the most prestigious names in the jewelry world. The ambitious jeweler started his career at the early age of 20. Due to the fact that his father owned a jewel repair shop, the young Harry Winston had an early contact with this world. However it was his natural talent for spotting valuable jewelry that turned the young entrepreneur into an international success. The jewelry collection owned by the renowned jewelry house has numerous priceless jewelry items. The truth is that the there is no finer art than jewelry. After all what other items can emanate as much beauty as diamonds. Today we are going to discuss the Harry Winston Peacock Black Opal Brooch.

This mysterious brooch is one of the most popular pieces of jewelry in the world. The decadent jewelry features a 32-carat black opal. The opal was discovered in Lightning Ridge Australia which is a region famous for its high quality black opals. The peacock’s tail is made of yellow gold and is has several sapphires, diamonds, emeralds and rubies scattered across it. The peacock’s head is represented by a marvelous sapphire and his neck is embedded with diamonds.

The peacock motif is often used in various jewelry creations. However each culture has their own understanding of this motif. In ancient times the peacock was a symbol of immortality. Due to the fact that it changes its feathers every years several cultures view it as a symbol for renewal. In the Greek mythology the peacock represents the goddess of the sky and the stars due to yellow circle design on its feathers. However most people believe that the peacock feather stands for pride and nobility. Given this fact it makes only sense that this motif is so frequently used in jewelry collections.

For jewelry lovers the Harry Winston Peacock Black Opal Brooch will always be a symbol of the flawless craftsmanship of the prestigious New York jewelry house. Just as the magnificent Hope Diamond the brooch was also donated to the Smithsonian museum. Although we appreciate the jewelers interest for the brooch to be admired by everybody we can’t help but sight over the fact that this amazing jewelry piece shall never again be worn. Harry Winston once said that if he could he would attach the jewels directly on a woman’s skin. We should be thankful that his dedication was passed on to his two sons who made sure to keep the family’s standards of quality. We hope that in the future we shall see more impressive jewelry pieces such as the Harry Winston Peacock Black Opal Brooch.