The Latest Summer Fashion Trends


When it comes to fashion, summer is the season that allows plenty of creativity. Unlike the other seasons that are dominated by certain styles and colors, you can rarely make a fashion mistake in the summer. The 2013 spring-summer collections have made it pretty clear that this summer everything is allowed. The most important designers have inspired their collections from oriental cultures, fairy tales, the 80’s, the British fashion and many more. Furthermore both heals and flats are allowed so feel free to choose whatever feels most comfortable. When it comes to summer fashion choices you only need to remember that trends are fleeting but style lasts forever.

Prints are one of the most influential summer trends. While the flower and stripes have maintained the popularity for quite a while, tribal prints have made a powerful comeback. So if you are looking for a simple yet stylish outfit all you need to do is find a colorful Aztec mini skirt, combine it with a white tank top and some massive accessories and you’re good to go. Furthermore don’t be afraid to wear ethnic clothes as they too have taken the spotlight. No matter what type of prints you choose make sure that you remember the most important print rule: you must never combine two different types of prints. The best thing to do is combine a printed top with a monochromatic bottom or the other way around.

Summer fashion trends are also centered around colors. Choose powerful neon colors whenever you want to make an outstanding appearance and go for pastels when you want to feel as delicate as a princess. The recommended summer colors are hues of pink, blue yellow, green, lavender and orange. Also don’t be afraid to combine 2 or more of this colors into one outfit. Furthermore another hot trends this summer is the maxi skirt. Feel free to wear this type of skirt anytime anywhere and in any color. It is a well known fact that summer fashion is all about femininity so feel free to highlight your natural grace. Lace patterns and embroideries are very popular this summer to feel free to integrate them into any outfit. They add a touch of femininity to any type of clothing. Last but not least this summer you should remember to have fun with fashion. Make each outfit reflect your mood or personality. Be bold and feminine and experiment as many styles as possible.