The Most Beautiful Evening Dresses


The Autumn/Winter 2011 season shows a large variety of fashion trends, as the catwalks are full of the most beautiful evening dresses for every taste. Below you can find out some of the most influential trends when it comes to evening dresses for this season.

Sheer Dresses

One of the biggest trends, sheer dresses are made to impress and boost with elegance and mystery. Gorgeous evening dresses are created by putting layer upon layer of sheer materials, like lace, chiffon or taffeta. Not only sexy, but also feminine, sheer dresses are a great option for a special occasion. You can use some DIY fashion ideas to complement such a dress and make it more unique, more fit to your style. This means accessorizing in a daring and original way, expressing yourself through clothing. These DIY fashion ideas can be applied to anything you wear, and this is when you can say you have a style of your own, when you don’t just wear clothes like you see them in stores or on fashion models.

Lace Dresses

Continuing the fashion trends of the previous seasons, lace remains strong on its positions and appears on the catwalks for this season, too. Still, there are some changes. This season, we can see delicate, small designs created to highlight certain details of the evening dresses, but also larger, coarser type of lace patterns applied on bigger areas. For a luxurious appearance, combine a white lace dress with fur and you will be a true snow queen. Lace and fur have always been popular, they are more a part of style rather than fashion, so you don;t have to follow a fashion trend in order to wear them. As long as you are moderate in your choices, you can be as elegant as ever, but one accessory too many, one inch too long on your dress and the whole appearance can be ruined. Because both lace and fur are luxurious, you have to be careful not to overdo it, as this is the simplest definition of elegance. On the other hand, you don’t have to ignore the fashion trend either, and if you find modern lace dresses, then you can be certain your look will turn heads and spark envy.


Even if sometimes it is considered tacky, gold is one of this season`s biggest trends. Designers show gold accessories, sequins, and gleaming on a black background. You can also opt for gold leggings, studding and golden baroque patterns.

Draping and ruffles

Another big trend is the Grecian style draping, which becomes a perfect choice if you want a very feminine evening dress. Ruffles are also a trend this season, so don`t hesitate to choose them in order to make a stylish fashion statement. Since we know that all women hate ironing, especially when it comes to ironing ruffles, we advise you to consider a clothing steamer. With this device you can take care of all of your dresses in just a few minutes. Lately, more and more women are giving up their irons in favor of the convenient clothing steamer.


This season, the main colors for evening dresses are black, scarlet and nude, but also wintery white for a sumptuous look.