The most famous abstract art pieces


Abstract art is a type of art that was developed in the early years of the 19th century. The first traces of this artistic trend are found in cubism. Pablo Picaso’s Demoiselles d’Avignon was amongst the first pieces of art that contained abstract elements. Although the work is just partially abstract one cannot deny the obvious attempt to depart the traditional shapes inspired from reality. Abstract art implies shape distortions and vibrant colors and is meant to inspire powerful feelings instead of the serenity generated by traditional art. There are multiple artist that have influenced the course of artistic development but today we will present some of the most famous abstract art pieces.

Wassily Kandinsky is believed to be the first painter that created a pure abstract painting. Although his initial work was untitled and is not very well known, his 1932 work called Composition VIII is amongst the most famous abstract art pieces. The work is entirely abstract and consists of a complex mixture of shapes and colors.

Another pioneer of abstract art is Russian painter Kasimir Malevich. Hi was also the initiator of Suprematism, a painting style based of geometric shapes meant to indicate the total domination of artistic feelings over basic representation of real life concepts. His first suprematist work is representative for the concept of abstract art. This piece of art features a black square on a white background. Although some may find to be too simple, it makes a powerful statement suggesting that art is not bound by any rules.

Jackson Pollock is another powerful name in the abstract art domain. His painting style was rather unconventional as it implied laying the canvas on the floor and splattering or dripping paint on it. This painting style can suggest a total abandonment of techniques in order to let the artistic inspiration take over and guide the hand of the painter. His most famous work falls under the category of abstract expressionism and is named Autumn Rhythm.

One of the most renowned contemporary abstract artist is Howard Hodgkin. His characteristic move is painting the frame in order to integrate it in the painting. His “Going for a walk” is one of the most famous abstract art pieces. What makes his style unique is the fact that although he is inspired from real events or people he does not try to recreate reality but the emotions that he felt in certain moments. Therefore although he is somehow anchored in reality his paintings are purely abstract and furthermore they reflect an intensity of feelings that is rarely found in other pieces.