The Mrs. Winston Diamond Earrings


It is not a secret that women are fascinated by jewelry. Most men believe that the reason for this jewelry obsession is materialism. However despite the fact that they appreciate precious and valuable items women love jewelry simply because it is beautiful. They make us think of kings and princesses, they sparkle in the sun as if they were fairy dust and they are just so damn pretty. Whether we are talking about diamonds of other types of precious stones, we can all agree that all women have a soft spot for jewelry. One of the most prestigious names that make the heart of any woman skip a beat is Harry Winston. For years this jewelry house was associated with the highest class of jewelry. Today we are going to present the marvelous Mrs. Winston Diamond Earrings.

There are many reasons women sight every time they hear the Harry Winston name. For one they know that this name is only associated with top quality high class jewelry. Furthermore they think of the numerous royal figures and celebrities who have worn precious Harry Winston jewelry pieces on red carpet appearances. The Mrs. Winston Diamond earrings are the perfect embodiment of everything that the Harry Winston house stands for: luxury, class and style. The earrings are part of the Ultimate Adornments, the largest high jewelry collection in the world. The cascading drop earrings are made of 24 diamonds with various carats and cuts. The crystal clear diamonds resemble a magical sparkling waterfall. There is only one outfit that can be worn with such earrings and that is a glamorous evening gown.

Given the subtle beauty of the Mrs. Winston Diamond Earrings, we can definitely consider them to be a timeless piece of jewelry. The total weight of the diamonds is 31, 58 carats. These exquisite earrings were beautifully displayed on a red carpet by Sofia Vergara at the 90th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Vergara is an exotic yet classic beauty. With an allure that resembles a young Sophia Lauren, the exotic actress managed to wear the magnificent earrings with the grace of a true lady. After all there is no better place to wear such earrings than on a red carpet. Vergara also wore the matching Mrs. Winston Diamond Bracelet as well as a platinum caftan bracelet from the same collection. The Mrs. Winston Diamond Necklace has also made a red carpet appearance surrounding the gracious neck of the beautiful Jessica Alba.