The Necessity Of A Hunting License


Hunting is one of the most natural acts in nature. By mimicking the behavior of animal predators humans have developed some very basic hunting skills that allowed them to survive even in harsh conditions. However as society evolved certain rules had to be imposed in order to protect both the humans and the animals. Because of these rules nowadays it is required to have a hunting license in order to be able to practice this activity. The first historical mention of hunting rules happened in England during the time of William The Conqueror, a highly moral king who loved all animals. Since that time hunting lows have evolved a lot. Nowadays they are specific to certain animals and regions.

There are many reasons which support the necessity of a hunting laws. The world we live in is no longer a wild environment where everybody can do as they please. We live in a civilized society and we must therefore abide by its rules. For starters hunting lows are enforced in order to protect the nearby population. There have been numerous hunting accidents that led to serious injuries or even human deaths. People need to be fully aware of the fact that having a hunting license comes with a big responsibility. You have the power to take the life of an animal but that power could also take the life of a human. Urban areas in particular are extremely strict when it comes to this type of lows. Another safety reason for regulating hunting is in order to control the spreading of animal animal-borne diseases.

Humans are not meant to be vegetarians and although some choose this path, it doesn’t mean that all people should also change their lifestyle. Furthermore if it isn’t managed properly a vegetarian diet can even be dangerous. It is in human nature to consume meat. However this only means that we should hunt enough to eat properly. Nothing justifies hunting animals just for their valuable fur or precious fangs. Humans need to learn that being the most intelligent beings on the planet comes with a price. It is our job to make sure that natural environments and endangered species are protected. However, few humans realize what a great responsibility this is.

There are a lot of species that have been extinct because of reckless hunting such as the dodo bird, the Tasmanian tiger, the passenger pigeon, the great auk, the sea mink and many more. These animals used to exist in large numbers until various hunting campaigns exterminated them completely. Although some were hunted for meat, many more were targeted for silly reasons, such as fur, leather or even superstitions. Despite the fact that humans have been reckless in the past it is not too late for us to learn to protect all animals. A hunting license is the first step towards learning how to protect all animals.