The Oregon Trail Classic Game hits iPad


In case you did not know the Oregon Trail Classic Game hits iPad, a game with over 40 years of tradition. This game has been played for many years and now it has become available for the iPad. The plot of the games takes place in the 1800s where a family travels from Missouri to Oregon. This game is very educational and easy to play and attracts even users that are usually into online gambling and playing casino games online. The Oregon Trail Classic Game was developed by Gameloft.

If you want to purchase the game you can get it for free but for a limited time because this game was developed as a sequel of the The Oregon Trail: American Settler game. The game is pretty much the same version with which you are used to. Many users would have loved an improvement in the design department. It looks great on the iPhone and iPod but it does not look so good transferred to on the iPad.

The Oregon Trail: American Settler is a very educational game and it has received a lot of positive reviews, it will keep your child busy for hours.  However, adults can play it too, as it is highly recreational and a nice change from the regular casino games online that many adults enjoy. As far as the design of the game is concerned we have to say that the developer has kept the classic lines of the game. Because this game is so attractive to children you will have to keep an eye on them and not let them spend so much time in front of the monitor. The good this is that they will not just waste time playing a game they will learn while playing.

The game can be downloaded from an online store directly on you iPad. If you need more information about the game or how it works go on the same site where you downloaded it and you will find everything you need there.

As you can see the Oregon Trail Classic Game hits iPad and for those who know the game it is great news because now they can play it on a bigger screen. The games is compatible on iPhones, iPods and iPads. To run it you will need iSO 2.2.1. It is free to download so stop wasting you time and get this amazing game which your children will simply adore. Go back in time and relive the cowboy games you used to play where you were a child. Now you have the opportunity to share that with your children. Have fun playing Oregon Trail.