The Prasouda Diet


A fit body is everyone’s dream. Some try to achieve it by starving themselves, others spends hours at the gym and the real lucky ones have a very fast metabolism. Most people struggle with a weight problem at one point in their life and dealing with it can be quite challenging. The problem with keeping a diet is finding the right balance between the diet period and your will power. Some people choose to follow a drastic diet for a short period while others prefer to take their time and lose weight in a healthy manner. Today we are going to discuss about the Prasouda diet, a very well balanced weight loss plan that can turn into a lifestyle.

Before starting this diet you need to understand its foundation. This diet is based on the Mediterranean life style. Instead of making you forget about the importance of your meals, this diet is aimed at celebrating food. Modern day society forces us to lead a busy life with full schedules that leave very little time for enjoying simple pleasures. By following this diet you will learn to value fresh and healthy ingredients. You have to treat your body like a temple and only give it natural products. The more you respect your body the better it will look.

The problem with most diets is that they have to many rules which eventually make you crave certain products. Furthermore sticking to a fixed meal plan can be quite troublesome because not everybody has time to shop for ingredients on a daily basis. The Prasouda diet is based on a Mediterranean food pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid you have the bread, rice, pasta, polenta as well as other grains and potatoes. These aliments can be consumed as often as wanted. Next on the pyramid, you have fruits and vegetables followed by olive oil which is a key ingredient in the diet. The Mediterranean lifestyle implies using only healthy ingredients therefore all oils should be replaced with olive oil or canola oil. On the next floor of the pyramid you will find the dairy products, followed by fish, poultry, eggs, sweets and red meat. According to this diet red meat is the worst aliment and should be consumed as rarely as possible and in very small amounts. In order to follow the Prasouda diet you can research Prasouda meal plans or you can do your own meal plans. It is recommended to plan your own meals. This way you will no longer view Prasouda as a diet but more as a lifestyle.