The Thrill Of Climbing


Climbing is an activity that involves ascending an object. Most of us have our first contact with this activity in early childhood while trying to escalate the furniture in the house or the trees in the park. I don’t think that there is a person in the world who hasn’t climbed a tree at least once. Although this activity was practiced by everybody for entertaining, several people have turned it into a passion. Ascending high mountains or buildings is one of the most challenging and exciting activities in the world but also one of the most dangerous ones. If you fancy this kind of sport make sure you do proper research before you adventure yourself on a dangerous route.

According to the type of objects ascended as well as the location of the ascension, there are various types or such activities such as buildering, canyoning, ascending chalk formations, competition ascensions,escalating ice covered objects, lead climbing, mountain ascensions, net ascensions, escalating poles, escalating rocky formations, rope ascensions and sport climbing. Each activity requires a different approach as well as different safety measures. If you intend to practice this sport you need to be aware of the dangers that await you. People have died performing these activities therefore you need to take all necessary precaution. In most ascending endeavors you are the only one responsible for your safety therefore make sure you use quality equipment and double check everything. There must be a balance between the physical effort and the equipment. It is unwise to rely 100% on only one of these two elements. A lot of people were hurt or lost their life in various acceding circumstances such as: relying on loose rocks, climbing without a rope, rappelling and unfavorable whether conditions.

One thing you need to understand about this sport is the fact that it is not meant for everybody. Unless you’re an adrenaline junkie this sport is not recommended for you. Furthermore you need to be in excellent shape in order to handle the intense physical effort. If you intend to start practicing this sport you should be fully prepared. It is recommended that you start with indoor climbing. There are a lot of specially designed indoor places for beginners. In such places you can practice this activity under professional supervision using adequate equipment and proper safety measures. Even when you think that you are ready to face the great outdoors you should joint a group of professionals who can give you proper guidance.