Things all young adults should manage right after turning 18


Turning 18 is certainly an exciting life event, as most young adults have a new journey before their eyes. Maybe attending college is one of those highly looked after life events, maybe getting a driver’s license, or maybe moving on their own. Maybe may even contemplate marriage – which let us tell you, don’t! Sleep on it, sort your career out before this incredibly important step, learn some useful life skills. But don’t marry this young. Regardless, below is a short list of things and skills every 18-year-old should acquire.

Leave partying for later. Now, save money

After turning 18, you may want to start partying with people you don’t even like and spend money you don’t even have. Don’t. While underage drinking is a real issue, there arises even a bigger concern. Only a small ratio of the young people today has some savings, and this deters them from acquiring a comfortable and easy life standard later in their 20s. If you start saving money now and investing those in various opportunities, regardless of how small, later in your 20s, you will have some sort of income which will allow you to party. Wisely, though, while at this age, you won’t be attracted to mindless parties drowned in alcohol, and most probably, you already know by now how to have a quality time on a budget.

Get your driver’s license

Having your driver’s license at a young age will certainly open new job opportunities for you while in college. While you won’t be able to perform jobs and tasks that require a college degree, you will most certainly be able to find a job to supplement your income without a college degree, until you get those studies sorted out. Delivery companies seem to be the first who would consider hiring an undergraduate, but in order to be able to find a job like this and save some money for later in life, you still need to get your driver’s license. Luckily, you can find plenty of free driver’s license resources online, which will help you save money on books and extra training hours. Make sure to consider this an important step in your adulthood, as a driver’s license will offer you increased flexibility and the opportunity to also have fun in a more affordable fashion. Think of all the amazing places that you can visit when having a driver’s license, even on a budget!

Stay out of debt as much as you can

Not only young adults don’t know how to save money, but they also have a tendency of spending money that they don’t have. Maybe this is a habit acquired by their parents, who up until recently were living and spending on a credit card. But stay away from those, if you want to sort out your finances even at a fairly young age. As soon as you turn 18, banks start throwing at you plenty of deals and offers for credit cards – just to have you hooked for as much as they can – but the secret is to stay away from those, if you want a carefree life later. As tempting as these may be, you don’t have the maturity to spend only when necessary or to use those as a backup plan or emergency fund. This will make you go deeper into debt and you most certainly want to avoid this. Only think of the fact that the interest built out of a 2000 dollars credit will amount each year another 400 dollars. This is why you want to avoid going into debt at a young age.

Eat healthy while your body is still healthy and young

No, you don’t still have time to “get into eating healthy”. Do it now! Your body is young, healthy and you will only do it a good by getting into this habit. Yes, you will still be able to indulge in some goods, regardless, but don’t exaggerate. Alcohol, fats, carbs and sugars are not your friends, and as soon as you change your mind set regarding your meals, the sooner you will be able to maintain that perfect body for longer. Carbs are useless, soda as well. Instead of those, try integrating into your daily diet healthy, nourishing foods, with a low carb content and keep in mind: calories that get in, have to go out somehow. In other words, train. You know the saying, “eat clean, train dirty”. Yes, this is in fact what you should be doing.

Choosing a career should come later in your life

Yes, you will be tempted to choose a university program, and this is amazing. You should, in fact, do this. But don’t be tempted to claim that you already chose your career, this is rarely the case. Many young adults change their careers and fields with their master’s programs and this is nothing to be ashamed of. At 18, you most certainly don’t know how life exactly works, what your passions and inclinations are. But it’s ok, you’ll be able to change your field and career later in your early adulthood. This is what most young adults do, anyway. Most employees under 30 are ready at any time to change their career paths, in fact.

Work on your decision-making system

Making decisions is never easy, especially when you are that young. However, you should acquire the ability to analyze various options, their ups and downs and put into balance various alternatives that you have. Make sure that you have a critical thinking in the process, because hunches and sentiments don’t work too well in most of the cases. Of course, working on this will make it easier for you in the future to make big decision that will determine your future and success.

These are some things all young adults over the age of 18 should know and become able to manage. While figuring out life as a young adult is more complicated, be always open to listen to those pieces of advice that come from people older than you and with more life experience.