Tips and tricks for a prosperous wholesale clothing business


Trends come and go, but fashion is forever. Investing in a fashion store, especially an online one, can bring you huge profit and buy you a seat at the table of successful international entrepreneurs. The demand for fashion items is increasing and, whether you want to sell clothing, accessories or shoes, there are chances to succeed. The latest statistics show that 1.6 billion people buy products online every year and this number is expected to grow even more by 2020. Out of all types of online stores, clothing ones are the most popular accounting for 60% of total sales. So, the idea of starting your own wholesale clothing business definitely has enough prospects. The challenge comes from maximizing the full potential of an online clothing store and taking advantage of every opportunity. There are thousands of fashion retailers on the web and, unfortunately, some of them go out of business despite offering high quality merchandise. These tips may help you avoid such a situation and boost the performance of your e-commerce site.   

Try dropshipping

Dropshipping is a low-risk business model that requires minimal investments. Unlike traditional commerce, where the seller has to purchase products and then sell them, dropshipping does not involve physical stock for the products available on the site. They are displayed in the online store and when a client orders them, you pass on the order to your supplier, who then delivers them to your client’s address. The process is done using modern tools such as Oberlo and you can use this strategy to grow your online business without making unnecessary investments. You can test new products, expand on new markets and increase the influence of your online store without leaving home. What is more, dropshipping reduces the risk of overstocking and eliminates warehouse costs.

Invest in customer support

In the case of dropshipping, you no longer have to worry about stock and client delivery, because these are the responsibility of the producer. However, everything else is still up to you, especially customer support. In this day and age, you cannot expect your business to thrive without investing in this crucial process. It’s the detail that makes the difference between a professional supplier and a newbie and that can make or break your business. Customers appreciate it when their needs and experience are being taken seriously and they are more likely to order again if they were treated with respect and consideration. You should provide customer support via your website, social media channels and on the phone, and keeping a client waiting is simply out of the question.

Presentation matters

In a physical fashion boutique, the shopkeeper has to strategically display the merchandise to impress customers and create a pleasant environment. Why would things be any different in an online store? Before launching your website, make sure the design is modern and responsive and that it offers customers a seamless browsing experience. Talk to your developer about the latest web design trends to align your store with modern requirements. Don’t underestimate the power of colors and fonts and test the website for bugs before launching it. Even if all these tips might delay the launch, it’s better to have a stable, user-friendly website than a cluttered one slowed down by bugs.

Learn to trust automation tools

Many store owners fear automation tools, assuming that what is done by a person by hand is better, but things are actually the opposite. Taking the manual approach is not only slower, but also prone to human mistakes. Automated tools, on the other hand, save you time and allow you to focus on other important business processes. In other words, they free you from small, repetitive tasks and let you focus on the big picture. Here are just some of the tasks that can be accomplished with them:

  • Order processing
  • Social media posts
  • Email marketing campaigns and newsletters
  • Monitor competitors
  • Ad creation
  • Collecting reviews

Loyalty programs

Last, but not least, you should think of ways to increase the client retention rate and turn new customers into returning ones. Loyalty programs are worth the money and will convince previous buyers that they should keep on placing orders on your site. There are many ways to start a loyalty program. For example, you can use Shopify to generate discount codes and give them to customers who spend more than a certain amount or who invite a friend to use your store.