Tips for Running a Successful Marketing Campaign for Your Home Services Business



Home services are those that are delivered by licensed professionals like plumbers, landscapers, window installers, and carpenters. Many companies have rolled out their services, all to the delight of consumers – in other words, homeowners. If your line of work can be included in the home improvement category, then you need to do a marketing campaign. If you do not promote your business, then you will not have one. Your business will not last more than 10 years; you can be sure of that. What you need to do is get your act together and create an effective marketing campaign. Marketing is easy. You just have to know how to do it. Please continue reading for relevant information.

Determine What You Want To Achieve

If you do not know what you want to achieve with the marketing campaign, then you should better figure it out. Are you looking to generate leads? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Do you want people to think about you in times of need? It is important to find answers to these questions. The reason for this is that you must be as specific as possible. No matter what you want to do, figure out the desired uplift. It is not enough to want to sell your services. You need to determine what services you want to promote. Start with identifying your business goals. It will be easier for you to decide your marketing goals. Figure out what is it that you want to achieve and how long it will take to meet those objectives.

Create a Budget That Gets Results

The most important part of any marketing campaign is the budget. Why? You may ask. Because without money you cannot do anything. The vast majority of companies plan their marketing budget one year in advance. If you are a little bit late with preparations, then you should better hurry. In the absence of a budget, you cannot realize the advertising plan. You can use 1-2% of your income, that is, if you just want to retain existing clients. On the other hand, if you wish to attract new prospects, then you should be using about 3-4% of your revenue. The amount of money that you pay for the campaign will no doubt affect the strategies that you use. as you can imagine, a Superbowl TV ad costs a lot more than listing an advertisement in the local newspaper.

How Will You Measure the Success of the Marketing Campaign?

This is one aspect that most companies neglect, whether they offer home services or not. You do not have all the money in the world – actually, you could bring in some cash flow – and this is why it is necessary to examine the effectiveness of the marketing strategies. Is it not too soon to think about metrics? No, it is not. So, what are you doing to do? Plumbing companies, house cleaning companies, and all the others use page views. There is nothing wrong with using digital metrics. However, you should focus your attention on tracking the sources of your phone calls. Individuals call you for all sorts of reasons. They need a new sink installed or they just need a doorstopper. The main idea is that you receive leads from phone calls.

Until now, being able to know where your telephone inquiries came from was wishful thinking. What about now? You do a reverse phone lookup and find information like name, address, and phone number carrier. What is that tracing phone numbers will help you understand the audience and whether or not the marketing strategies were effective. Keep in mind that the number of calls is directly proportionate to the efficiency of the advertising channels.        

Make Sure to Simplify Marketing Channels

Besides having a clear picture of the phone calls, you need to make sure to simplify the marketing channels. The biggest mistake that you can make is to use all possible sets of practices. When it comes to getting the home services to end-users, i.e. consumers, you should be using maximum 3 channels. The simpler the better. Concentrate all your efforts on the few marketing channels there are. If you want to be successful, you should go with digital marketing channels. Since you do not have the talent to design graphical advertisements, it is a good idea to try email marketing. All you have to do is promote your services to the target audience via email.

Equally important is to use social media. It is a great way to tell homeowners that your brand is active and that you care about communication. What about the third option? Well, there is affiliate marketing. Basically, you pay websites for referrals. Many are of the opinion that affiliate marketing does not work. This is not true. It works and it can help your home services business stand out from the competition. The ads are placed on merchants’ websites and each time someone clicks on your website or makes a call, you have to pay. In fact, you have to dig into your pockets for other marketing channels too. Do you understand now why it is important to simplify things?

Do Not Ever Make Compromises

It is perfectly understandable if you have a limited budget. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you have to make compromises. Doing things by half measures will not get you too far. When you make a plan to promote your home services, you have to act in the most logical way possible. To be more precise, you should not do things like adopting an inferior pricing strategy just to make your offering look better. The point is that you should never ever compromise. If you do that, you will only surrender to mediocrity. You may have moments of weakness, thinking that it is not all worth it. When that happens, detach yourself from the situation and think about the bigger picture. Do you want customers to come in at a steady pace? The answer is, of course, yes. Do not make concessions.