Tips on how to sell fast a real estate


In this article you will find some tips on how to sell fast a real estate.

  • First you have to prepare very well you offer: Look out for the market prices, carefully study what has your property in addition to other ones and perhaps most importantly is to see at what prices were sold the surrounding properties (of the same neighborhood,  the same street). Try to finish the works if you started for example to put tile or to replace the door frames. Prepare the property for prospective visitors.


  • Be prepared with accurate answers to questions that may arise during a visit or a phone call: You need to know exactly: why you are selling and so on. Prepare all documents; put them all in a folder to be ready to show them to prospective buyers.
  • Prepare your real estate advertisement: First select the advertising channels (newspapers, websites). Obviously everyone chooses free channels, but if you know a newspaper that is well known for its results, you should publish the announcement even there. It will cost something, but will be absolutely insignificant if we refer to the price of a property. The ad text must be extremely creative and attractive. If you have no idea, follow other ads for inspiration.
  • The photos: Over 75% of the viewers of an announcement decide if to select a real estate for further review after the photos.
  • The price: Try to estimate correctly what is the price of the real estate and compare it with other properties sold in the area. If your potential buyers have a problem with the price, you can also promote them the home HST rebate option. The HST is a special credit offered by the Canadian state to those who buy a new house, through which they can get back part of the money they have paid. Stress on the facilities of the house and explain then that if they apply for the credit, they are likely to reduce costs yet keep a good property.
  • The estate agencies: The agencies are companies that will obviously want profit and they will obtain profit after your need to sell. All you have to do is to choose them well. It will be good to try to sell yourself the property if you can and if you think you are able. Also, it would be good to publish your announcement along with the estate agencies; think that an agency has several clients, not only you.
  • The Internet ads: You should start with the most popular real estate portals and end with general websites. If you publish the advertisement in several large data bases, it is possible that other agencies take it from there, which can only be advantageous for you.
  • The negotiation: If you are the one who is negotiating directly, do not rush. If someone forces you with an answer, always ask for time to think. Advise yourself with others and do not sign anything until you talk to a lawyer or a notary.

Finally, beside these tips on how to sell fast a real estate there are also many aspects that you need to keep in mind, but the most important thing is to organize yourself in this action. After all, you are the one who wins.