Creamy, easy and fresh dessert Tiramisu is an Italian who conquered the world. The origin of the cake and name are still a subject of controversy and disputed by some regions of Italy. Venice, Lombardy, Piedmont and Tuscany dispute the paternity of this cake.

Some claim to have invented the cookie in the sixteenth century, more or less by chance, during the visit of the Duke of Tuscany to Siena. Another version says that the Tiramisu was created in the Renaissance and was successful due to its aphrodisiac properties.

There is another version that says Tiramisu pastry appeared in the care of a stingy, who did not want to throw some scraps of biscuit and mixed them with cream and coffee. Besides the classic recipe, Tiramisu has some other options at least as irresistible.

We propose you a special Tiramisu Recipe.

– 375 ml whipped cream
– 250 grams mascarpone
– 36-40 wafers
– 3 tablespoons powdered sugar
– 75 grams milk chocolate
– 250-300 ml coffee

How to do it:
For a summer tiramisu you need wafers, mascarpone, cream, sugar, chocolate, coffee and fruit if you have something at home, and you can use them too. Chocolate melt on as team bath.

Whipped cream is beaten to maintain its shape.

Mascarpone we have scrubbing well with powdered sugar and then mixed with cream we have beaten hard. We divided the composition into two parts one of them adding melted chocolate.

In a round tray with ring, we put a little star wafers soaked in coffee. Then we put on half a cracker sides, without being soaked in coffee, just as they are directly in the package. We put then a layer of white cream then again a state of wafers soaked in coffee and cream after a layer of chocolate. We gave everything in the refrigerator for several hours or as much your heart let you.

To this summer tiramisu we have added some raspberries on top, cold, cold, sweet and sour, cream chocolate directly over it. A madness of flavors, tastes and only good for sunny days, hot even. So we’ve relaxed a bit with this little tiramisu made and installed …ad-hoc.

To make a great Tiramisu there are some secrets you should know:
Use quality and natural ingredients (not produced in the envelope, like synthetic whipped cream) use flavored coffee and natural flavors (rum, lemon, brandy, or coffee liqueur).

Cream is three-quarters of the success of the cake. Consequently, we may choose, or use mascarpone or cream only preparing the cheese and sour cream.

Now you know how to make a great Tiramisu.