Top 3 Best Pedicure Chairs


Whether you own a spa or a small beauty salon, you will need to put a lot of thought into choosing your equipment. The pedicure throne is by far the most important and the most sophisticated piece of equipment in a beauty establishment. Modern pedicure chairs come with numerous features meant to improve this beauty ritual that is so beloved by all women. To help you find the best chair on the market, we have analyzed all possible options. After carefully considering the pros and cons of all the products, we have narrowed down our choices to the top 3 best pedicure thrones.

1. Toepia GX Pedicure Spa by J&A USA, INC.

This is the best pedicure chair on the market. It is a perfect blend of efficiency and flawless design. It comes in 4 color choices: black, chocolate, orange and taupe. It features an elegant glass bowl which also comes in 3 shade options: black nickel, crystal reflection and gold reflection. What sets this chair apart from the competition is the flawless pipe-less whirlpool system sets which prevents bacteria growth and delivers a high class pedicure experience. For increased customer satisfaction it features adjustable telescopic footrest, slide armrest, a multi-functional slider and recliner, and most importantly, a full function shiatsu massage system. It also comes with interesting accessories such as an adjustable side tray and a massage remote. An optional discharge pump and vent set-up are also available.

2. Cleo GX by J&A USA, INC.

This model features a spacious and luxurious spa body. Featuring 3 spa base trims (bone, gray, white), 6 chair colors (black, chocolate, green, mocha, red, and red-orange) and 3 spa bowl colors (black, crystal and gold), this pedicure chair can integrate the most luxurious spa interior design. Among its many modern features, we will mention the full shiatsu massage system, the adjustable footrest and the fold away armrest. Optional accessories include a magnetic whirlpool jet for easy sanitation, a motor sensor that prevents water from overflowing, a discharge pump and a vent set-up.

3. Shiatsulogic Pedicure Spa FIOR 5103

This pedicure chair comes with complete shiatsulogic technology that delivers 5 types of massages: rolling, kneading, tapping, pressing and knocking. It is a pipe-less chair with a whirlpool system. It also comes with a pedicure stool, a discharge pump, an automatic seat adjustment system and a standard manicure tray. It is very sturdy and made of quality materials, but sadly it only offers one design choice. Nonetheless, considering that it costs less than $2,000, this pedicure chair delivers many benefits.