Top 7 Contemporary Design Ideas for 2013


Society is changing and this has an effect on all life aspects, including interior design. Not very long ago, home owners paid attention only to home exteriors, because that was the thing that visitors could see first. However, we can notice a growing interest in DIY and interior design trends, which means that now more than ever you can create a truly personal, intimate and comfortable interior space. Homes must serve our needs and create a comfortable space that inspires calmness. On interior design sites, we see many designers who try to blend both male and female preferences and to create a visual balance. With a quick look at modern furniture Toronto stores, you will immediately notice this inclination towards visual balance especially in the minimalist trend.  Take a look at these 10 contemporary design ideas for 2013. However, before you apply them, keep in mind that they look best on a well maintained garden.

1. Knitting and embroidery

According to numerous interior design sites, knitting and embroidery are a hot trend for this year. Those who learned what their grandmothers thought them now have an advantage. Decorate your house with knitted baskets, poof covers, colorful carpets and other furniture. These hand-made items can make any home cheerful.

2. Pops of color

If you are not one of those that like cluttering their house with many things, try adding an unexpected color to you living room. Paint old furniture orange or red to brighten up a room without having to hang up pretentious artwork. Adding an unexpected color to a bookcase can transform it into more than a place where you store objects. The combination between minimalist modern furniture from Toronto stores and a vivid patch of color irrespective of the form in which it comes is magnificent. While at the topic of color, you should consider changing the way your chimney looks. First, give it a good clean with the help of chimney sweep Calgary services and then talk to a specialized provider to find out how you can change its color.

3. DIY

DIY (do it yourself) projects are starting to become more and more popular in the world of interior design. Old objects can become new modern furniture or decorations. People are creative and their desire for self expression can materialize into beautiful projects. Some contemporary design ideas include turning old magazines into chairs, old luggage into storage space and old rolling pins into a coat rack. Old wine barrels can become creative bathroom storage space.

4. Texture

In the past people didn’t care how furniture objects feel because functionality was the main purpose. Nowadays, designers use “touchable” textures to create a warm atmosphere and make a home more comfortable. Wood and suede are the new interior design trend for this year.

5. Wall writing and hand sketching

This is one of the most popular contemporary design ideas for 2013. Graphic artists are starting to collaborate with interior designers on wall imprinting projects. You can write your favorite quote or a special message on your bedroom ceilings or the living room wall. This is an inexpensive beautiful way to decorate and personalize a home.

6. Floral designs on a white background

Floral patterns were always in, but this year they are stronger than ever. Fashion designers presented flower prints on the runways and interior designers came up with a twist: adding a white background to the motive. Presented in a variety of colors, you can place them on wallpapers, fabric covers and wall paintings for an eternal spring feeling.

7. Green walls

Green homes are a significant element in interior design and architecture for 2013. Beautify your garden walls and rooftops with framed plant screens and mobile plant panels. This original concept is healthy because plants contribute to humidification, evaporation and clean the air.

These are but a few decor ideas that can make your home feel more special. Nevertheless, if you want your home to look good while also improving its overall features, you need some good home improvement tips.