Treadmill Buying Guide


If you’ve decided it was high time you started exercising, then you’re probably wondering whether to go to a gym or workout at home. There are advantages and disadvantages to each choice, so you basically have to choose what you think will keep you motivated more and help you persevere. If you choose to workout at home, then you need to invest in at least one good piece of equipment, and we recommend the treadmill, because it mimics jogging and thus exerts more muscle groups than any other machine. However, the treadmill focuses on lower body muscles, so it should only be part of a more comprehensive routine you develop, one that targets all body muscles. This, of course, also depends on your final goals, on whether you want to lose weight, or tone your body.

That being said, we have come up with a clear treadmill buying guide that will aid you in finding the right treadmill for you. Here is what you must take into account:

What are your goals?

Think well about why you want a treadmill, and who in your home will be using it; in many cases, when the family purchases a treadmill, they intend to use it for various members. This means that when you buy it, you should look for one that supports more body weight and can resist to repeated use, by both men and women. If you want to lose weight and tone your body, look for a treadmill that can reach high speeds, such as 12 mph, which is quite exerting on the human body, and for incline features as well, which give you an extra difficulty.

Be practical

Although we recommend not being cheap when purchasing a treadmill, you should also be practical about it. Before doing some proper research, look at some general models and see what a medium price is. Based on that information, set up a budget you are comfortable with and try not to exceed it unless you find something that is really worth it. You should also consider home space when buying a treadmill; this is a rather bulky piece of equipment, so if you don’t have your own gym room, look for one that you can fold and store away. Finally, if you have various health issues, choose a model that monitors heart rate and other vitals, so you can avoid getting sick.

Do thorough research

You should use both the internet and retail shops to find your treadmill; try to find out what the best brands are, and look at their various models. Read the latest treadmill reviews 2015, both the professional and the customer ones, and see how they fare in the performance and specification departments. If you think you’ve found a treadmill you like, find out whether you can test it in any showroom close to you; different treadmills feel different upon use, and you need to find the one that feels good for you.

All in all, finding the right treadmill is more up to you than on the offer; unlike other apparatuses and machines we purchase, here specifications and features matter less, because they don’t differ as much from treadmill to treadmill. You just have to look out for quality materials and good performance, and use this treadmill buying guide.