Tricks to Prevent Static Electricity in Hair


Dry air, artificial heating and other winter related things can lead to dry hair full of static electricity. This physical phenomenon appears where there is a buildup of positively charged particles. Besides dryness, intensive use of hair products is another cause for which your hair straights up. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent static electricity in hair and get rid of this problem. You can enjoy static free hair if you apply the tips below.

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Among the easiest and most effective options, the static free dryer sheet can help you anytime. Split your hair into several sections and repeatedly run the sheet from the top to the bottom of each section, covering all the hair. You can keep the dryer sheet in your pocket or purse and use it whenever necessary.

Regardless the type of hair you have (oily, flat or fine), use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner regularly in order to avoid dryness. Apply the conditioner from halfway down the hair to its ends and do not place it on roots or scalp area.

Another way to reduce dryness level in hair is using conditioner treatment on a regular base (one a week). Apply warm hair oil on the hair, including the scalp and wrap your hair in a warm wet towel. After half an hour wash your hair with shampoo. You can also buy a humidifier to increase the air moisture and reduce static.

Use moisturizing lotion for fast results in hair static electricity. Put lotion on your palms, rub them to each other till they are almost dry and run your hands through your hair. Another quick way to prevent static electricity in hair is rubbing your hair with a metal clothes hanger. If slid over the hair from top to the ends, the clothes hanger absorbs electricity.

For combing your hair select only brushes made of natural materials and avoid as much as possible the synthetic ones. The explanation for this choice is that natural fibers are less charged as synthetics are.

Start using mousse, gel or pomade in order to add weight to your hair. Put some of the product into your hands and run your fingers through the hair. Being not so light, the hair can be held down easier. Another trick is to mist hair spray on your brush and run it from the scalp to the ends. After that you can spray you hair directly in order to correct rebel strands and static electricity. Avoid using finishing balm/gel and hairspray altogether.

As you can see, there are solutions to prevent the static electricity problem regarding the hair. All you have to do is opt for one or several tricks presented above and you will successfully face hair static electricity.